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 Parasha CHKAT (ordinances) NUM 19 to 22

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Jacob Ben Avraham
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PostSubject: Parasha CHKAT (ordinances) NUM 19 to 22   Sun Jul 10, 2016 8:11 pm

PARASHA: CHUKAT (Ordinances)

NUMBERS 19: 1 to 22:1..............JUDGES 11:1 to 33..........JOHN 3:10 to 21

We see in this week s study that Adonai tells Moshe to get a ¨Red Heifer¨ this is a special cowl for a special reason. The red color was probably a maroon type red, and it was to be sacrificed and burned, outside of the camp, the cow was to be perfect in all ways, no blemish. The ashes were to be mixed with ceder wood, hysop, and scarlet, and these items were to burned with the cow in the fire. what is this all about you may ask ?

Yeshua HaMashiach was crucified outside the city, he was judged for our sins in the fire of judgment by the Father. He was nailed to a wooden cross, or stake, the scarlet reminds us of his blood that was shed, and the hysop reminds us of the first Passover, when the blood of the sacrificed lambs was placed of the door posts of the Israelites in Egypt.

This strange mixture was to be mixed with water and used when someone touched a dead body. This would have been a common event, since people die and the relatives have to bury their loved ones. The priest who poured the mixture on the person who was unclean by means of touching a corpse, was inturn unclean until the evening, and the person who was unclean by means of touching the corpse, was made clean by this mixture. 

We can see a clear illustration of Calvary here. Our LORD and Messiah, through his death 
made us CLEAN from our sins, and he became UNCLEAN by reason of our sins. When he carried our sins on that Passover night, He bore our uncleaness, and therefore, the Father had to turn his face away from the Son, no wonder Yeshua cried out ELI ELI LAMAH SABACHTANI, (my God, My God, why have you forsakened me?) But he was not forsakened for too long, for once our sins were attoned for, He cried out IT IS FINISHED; 
The price had been paid, in full. Now all a lost sinner has to do is turn from his or her sin and receive the free gift of YESHUAH from YESHUA (salvation from Yeshua) by inviting Him in one s life and receive Him as LORD and Personal Savior. 

Chap 20 talks about ¨Water from the Rock¨ this is where Moshe made his big mistake, which cost him his delayed entry into the Promised Land. The people complain, they want water, no water around, his sister Miriam just died, nerves are shot, temper is on edge, YHVH tells Moshe to ¨Speak to THE Rock¨ and water would come out. It was a special Rock because of the article THE, in Hebrew HaAven, the word AVEN has two words, AV which means FATHER and BEN which means SON, Is it any wonder that the ROCK would bring forth WATER? since Yeshua is the LIVING WATER, the WATER OF LIFE?

But Moshe looses his temper, and HITS the rock with his staff TWICE If the ROCK symbolizes YESHUA, then it was to be hit only ONCE. Yeshua died for our sins ONCE only
A long way back we read that Moshe struck the Rock already, this time he was to SPEAK to it. Ask and it shall be given unto thee, if we want living water through the Torah, it will be given to us freely, no need to hit. Moshe brought dishonor unto God , he ilustrated the wrong image of Adonai,Yeshua was crucified ONCE only, for our sins.  Water still came out, God provided water, but Moshe was reproved, YOU DID NOT SANCTIFY ME, SO YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO BRING THIS CONGREGATION INTO THE PROMISED LAND. When one is a leader, much is required, and a mistake can be costly. Yet Moshe DID enter the promised land, about 1500 years later, at the Mt of Transfiguration. Alright Moe, ya made it in! Yeah Buddy! better late than never

The bronze serpent, was made (called NEHUSHTAN) as a snake bite remedy, people began to complain, and Moshe interceded for them, (doesn t he always seem to intercede for his people?) does that remind us of someone who always intercedes for us? snakes came a creepin around, and biting people, people started dying, all one had to do was to LOOK at the bronze serpent, and they were healed, that easy, this is the ONLY instance in scripture when a SERPENT symbolizes YESHUA. When we look towards Him, and trust in HIM, we are HEALED of our sins. 
JUDGES 11 1 to 33

Interesting story about Jeftah, who was abused and cast out of his father s house, and then, when trouble arose, the same people went looking for him, He became their leader, and He fought a war against the Amorites, and won. 

We see his positive attitude, He could have refused and he could have had a negative attitude, but he didn t He returned to his people, forgave them, and he became their leader

Yeshua Was rejected by many, yet he chose to forgive us ALL, Will you receive HIM as YOUR LEADER?
JOHN 3 10 to 21

a very favorite chapter for all believers, we all understand its meaning, Here Yeshua reveals the meaning of the serpent in the desert. AS MOSHE LIFTED UP THE BRONZE SERPENT IN THE DESERT, SO THE SON OF MAN MUST BE LIFTED UP AS WELL.

Had Yeshua not risen from the dead, our faith would have been in vain. Shalom to all

Rabbi Ben Avraham..............       San Salvador, El Salvador
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Parasha CHKAT (ordinances) NUM 19 to 22
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