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 PARASHA: "Ki Tissa" (when you elevate) EXODUS 30:11-34:35

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Jacob Ben Avraham
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PostSubject: PARASHA: "Ki Tissa" (when you elevate) EXODUS 30:11-34:35   Sat Feb 27, 2016 2:48 pm

PARASHA: "KI-TISA" (When you elevate)

EXODUS 30:11-34:35...............1 KINGS 18:1-39....................1 CORINTHIANS 8:4-13

In this Parasha, we see various themes, I will try and comment a bit on all. First is the "counting of the people". Each person 20 years old and up, was to give one-half shekel of silver, this was to go to the Mishkan, (the tabernacle) so, if you collect 100 shekels of silver (a shekel was a measure of weight) back then, they didn't have coins as such, just pieces of gold, silver, bronze, etc, you would know that 200 people had been counted. Was God against counting "people" as we use the expression "counting heads" or "take a head count" well, King David took a census of the people and he was punished for that. Maybe

it was that Adonai didn't want the people to trust in their "numbers" but to trust in HIM who took them out of Egypt. And the silver contribution allowed the people to contribute to the maintenance of the Mishkan, when pieces wore out, they had to be replaced, this involved everyone. This silver was to be an "offering unto the LORD" we do the same, when we bring our "tithes and offerings" to our places of worship, we give to maintain our places of worship.

THE BRONZE LAVER: was built as a sort of "wash basen" for the priests after performing their sacrifices. Remember that their hands and feet were exposed to the blood was they slaughtered the animals at the brazen altar, before proceeding inside the Mishkan, they were to wash their "hands and feet" so that they would be "clean" upon entering the inner sanctuary, where the Menorah, the table of showbread, and the incense altar were. How can we apply it to our lives? The blood of Messiah was shed at the cross, this allows us to go into the presence of Adonai "clean" without spot, as the price for our sins was paid at the "brazen altar"of judgment.

THE HOLY OIL AND INCENSE: (30:22-38) these items were made especially for anointing and worship within the confines of the Mishkan, but not for the people to take home and use for personal use. It is not to say that today we can't use incense and oil for worship, both public and private, Yes, we can, many do, but not using the exact same ingredients, Many people use frankincense fragrance for incense and olive oil with the scent of frankincense and Myrr. for anointing oil, Many people use incense for "aromatherapy" as it also helps with relaxation and sleep.

BUILDING OF THE TABERNACLE: (31:1-11) Adonai puts wisdom in the hearts (and hands) of different workers to build the furniture of the tabernacle. Today we have the "gifts of the Holy Spirit" that enable us to serve in the body of Messiah, we have been called to different areas, not all can be teachers, rabbis, pastors, but can be involved in music, maintenance, records keeping, prayer warriors, interceders, counselors, etc, we all have a job to do in the Body of Messiah.

THE SABBATH: (31:12-18) Adonai considers this so important for us, that "keeping the Sabbath" is mentioned quite a few times in the Torah, It is time for "rest and worship" separate from the work week. Many now consider "Sunday" as the Sabbath day, but Adonai never changed the Sabbath to Sunday, It is mentioned in Acts that the early church meet together on the first day of the week to break bread, but this was a custom, it was not a "change" as some believe. Actually, the "first day (Sunday) happens when the sun goes down Saturday evening, and three stars appear, the early church celebrated "Havdalah" (saying goodbye to the Sabbath and welcomed the first day, with food fellowship and perhaps Torah study) Every day of the week is good to study the Bible and fellowship, not just the weekends

THE GOLDEN CALF: chap 32: a very time for "Am Israel" so soon did they forget that Adonai would not abandon them, visual "gods" were so engrained into their lives that they felt that they "needed a visual reminder" of God, perhaps the calf was used as it was an Egyptian diety (Hapis) that represented strength , and in the early Hebrew alpha-Bet , the "Aleph" was symbolized by the head of a bull or ox, symbolizing that "El Shaddai was strong, like a bull or ox" needless to say it didn't go over too well with YHVH and Moshe, "THOU SHALT NOT MAKE ANY GRAVEN IMAGES" PERIOD! for Adoani is to be worshipped in "Spirit and in truth" (Ruach v b'Emet), not via statues. A cross, the star of David are NOT images, they are ICONS which remind us of the Nation of Israel and our Messiah's death, but these are NOT to be bowed down to and worshipped.

COVENANT RENEWED: Adonai wanted wipe out all of Israel and start over with Moshe and his family, HOWEVER, Moshe intervened and this was not done. Was it a test? some wonder? would Adonai really destroy his people like that, leaving only Moshe? Yeshua also intervenes before the Father for us, do we some times act "stiff necked" and drive our Heavenly Father crazy with our behavior? Does he not wish sometimes to destroy us? but our hearts still beat. He gives Israel another chance, renews the covenant, gives a new set of commandments, and life goes on, for better or for worse, in Israel's case, it was more "worse" than "better" as history reveals.

LET ME SEE YOUR GLORY! asked Moshe, LORD, I really want to see you, But Adonai says to Moshe "No man can see the face of Adonai and live" but this is talking about his "pure essence" so, Moshe was hidden in the cleft of a rock and the LORD passed by, saying

"The LORD, the LORD merciful and gracious" some wonder why he says "LORD" twice? perhaps for emphasis, maybe he is saying "Alpha and Omega" there is much thought about that. he is merciful, gracious, longsuffering, full of goodness and truth, forgiving sin, .......YET...... not clearing the guilty, punishing sin, but we have to remember UN-REPENTED SIN, He is all loving and forgiving, but HE is also HOLY, and can not allow sin in his presence, and therefore, punishes and condemns all UNREPENTANT sinners, those who reject his love gift of "Salvation" (Yeshuah) through is ONLY BEGOTTEN SON (Yeshua) . If you have not already done so, would you continue to reject this love gift from the Creator of the Universe? Messiah Yeshua receives ALL who come to him in repentance and humbleness of spirit.


1 KINGS 18:1-39

Elijah is used by God to test the faith of Israel, who were wayward, bowing to Baal, The contest was on, Baal lost, El Shaddai won, and the children of Israel saw "fire fall from Heaven which consumed the sacrifice" what more proof do you want? BUT...blessed are those who "believe" yet do not see some physical proof or evidence. These words came from Yeshua himself, it is easy to see a miracle, a heavenly manifestation, and then believe, but FAITH is all about "believing" and not trusting in something we can physically see.

1 COR 8:4-13

Rav Shaul talks about "food" many times, believers think that they can not eat certain foods, because of different reasons, whatever the reasons they might be, but as long as they are "God's foods" which are biblically kosher, mentioned in Leviticus 11, we can eat them in any event, or in any occasion. YET Paul is emphasing that if we are around those who are weak in the faith, and refuse to eat certain foods, even if they are kosher, perhaps "wine" because it contains alcohol, or some are vegetarians because they "will not eat anything that has a face" ideology, if we are with them, then, as not to offend them, we should not eat something that will offend them, out of politeness and courtesy, even though we know better,

SHABBAT SHALOM.......Rabbi Ben Avraham
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PARASHA: "Ki Tissa" (when you elevate) EXODUS 30:11-34:35
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