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 "Lech-Lecha" (go out) GEN 12

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Jacob Ben Avraham
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PostSubject: "Lech-Lecha" (go out) GEN 12   Sat Oct 24, 2015 4:21 pm

PARASHA:  "LECH-LECHA" (go out yourself)

GENESIS 12:1 - 17..........ISAIAH 40:27-41:16.............ROMANS 4:1-25

There is a lot of teaching on the subject of Abraham, but I would like to concentrate on a few details.  "His Calling" Adonai looked upon Abraham as an "open minded person" He was "searching" for the "One true God" being raised in Mesopotamia, in the city of "Ur" which means just "big city"  we have similarities in the Chaldean and Hebrew languages, "Ur" is city in Chaldean, and "Ir" is city in Hebrew,  ("Ir" is to verb "to go" in Spanish) seems like all languages have their roots in Hebrew. 

Abram was raised surrounded by pagan gods, but I don't think he worshipped them, It is believed by some that he listened to "Shem" one of the sons of Noach, who told him about the one, true God, who created the world, But Abraham was given the order to "leave his home and parents to go to a distant land" HE would be the "father of the faith" the faith in YHVH the One God "Echad" creator of all things.  but this "following Him" would not be without trials and testings.  Do we not testings and trials ourselves? does not our faith get tested in different ways?

He is asked to "obey" ;  1.  Get out of your country (Mesopotamia)  2.  Leave your family and your father's house  3. Go to a land that I will show you.   where? YHVH does not give details, He only wants "trusting and obedience" He wants Abram to give up EVERYTHING!  house, immediate family,  just taking his wife Sarah,  (He should have left Lot behind) So, he should have began his trip with only his wife and servants,  and all the while , trusting God for all the details, I guess we can say that because we aren't in Abraham's sandals, but, "easier said than done"     "3" requests    "3" the number of "Elohim"  

Then come the blessings, which follow obedience;   1.  I will make you a great nation  2.  I will bless you  3.  .  I will make your name great "HaShem Gadol"  4.  You shall be a blessing  5.  I will bless those who bless you  6.  I will curse those who curse you, 7. In you all the families of the earth will be blessed.     "7" blessings   "7" is the perfect number.  

These blessings have come to pass, ,  all the families of the earth have been blessed through YESHUA who is the "seed of Abraham" the name of "Abraham" is indeed "great" because it symbolizes our faith, the faith of "ONE GOD" (Echad) yet at the same time, three entities, (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) 

His name was "Abram" "father" (Av) of peoples (am) but was later changed to "Avraham"  the letter "H" was added, in Hebrew, it symbolizes  "Behold" and it also can mean  "breathing" because of the sound it makes, YHVH "breathing" into the loins of Abraham the "seed of life" and from many "peoples" to many "nations" and it has come true, from the Hebrew people, came the 12 tribes of Israel, and many of those tribes were scattered into the nations, and became part of the nations of the world, yet still maintaining their identity,  from hence we have the major Jewish groups, "Sefardim" (Spanish and middle east)  "Ashkenazim" (Germany and East Europe) "Falashim" (African ) and yet still we have many others, 

The Hebrew people are compared to the "dust of the earth" and to the "Stars of Heaven" One can wonder "why" these objects are mentioned, we could say, "you can not count the dust of the earth nor the stars of heaven"  true, but there is a deeper answer, "dust" is considered worthless and people step and walk through the dust, putting the dust "under foot" which is how the Jewish people have been treated for centuries,  YET, leave an object out in the dust for a long time, and the "dust" will consume it! the "dust" will continue to survive, as the Jewish people have continued to survive, inspite of being "stepped on"   the "Stars in Heaven" SHINE, the Jewish people will be a "light to the nations" taking with them and teaching of Torah and of "One God" Yeshua also said "Ye are the light of the world"  We as Messianic believers carry this LIGHT with us, to share YESHUA to all who will listen so that many will be "born again" as John 3:3 says.  

Abraham made his home at "Beth-El" which means "House of God" there he set up an altar and "called upon the name of the LORD (YHVH) Where ever we "call upon YHVH" and worship the LORD, praise and glorify His name, is our "Beth El"


ISAIAH 40: 27-41

the prophet echoes the cries of the people, they think that God has abandoned them, yet the LORD says, "The creator of the earth neither faints nor is weary" and "those that WAIT on the LORD shall renew their strength, they shall mount with wings like eagles, they shall run but not be weary, they shall walk and not be faint" 

We understand this to be spiritual strength, but the word is "wait" YHVH has His perfect timing, there is time for everything.  Israel was punished for disobedience,   like a good father who chastises his children, he will never forsake them,  Israel may think that all is lost, yet, in time, and now is the time,  the people are returning to the land, and many are coming to the Messiah,

"fear not for I am with you" says YHVH,  if we have a God, who is with us, who can be against us? even when times are tough , and the enemy is around us, the enemy will not prevail,  YHVH has proven this time in and time out,  ONLY when we walk contrary to HIS word, will the LORD withdraw his hand of protection, He will allow things to happen, but this is to get our attention, and to bring us back to HIM, 

ROMANS 4:1-25

Rav Shaul talks about the faith of Abraham, He was justified by FAITH  and not by works

When we look at this deeply, we can interpret the word "works" to mean "following the commandments of YHVH.  Some believe that one can achieve acceptance before God and be reckoned "righteous" according to what one can do in accordance to the commandments of a Holy God, but that is NOT the case, and never has been the case.  Ever since the fall of man, mankind has been reckoned "righteous" by faith, faith in Yeshua that he paid the sin price in full.  In the Old Testament times, the animal sacrifices pointed to and illustrated what Yeshua did on Calvary,  the people offered up the sacrifices by FAITH, not that the sacrifices saved them, but that they pointed to Messiah, 

So, as Abraham's faith saved him, so were ALL saved by faith, and today, people ARE saved by the same faith,   The Torah shows us our faults, where we have gone wrong, and points us to be reconciled through Yeshua, following the mitzvoth of the Torah is a good thing, since it shows our love toward God, and towards our fellow man, but righteousness comes ONLY through faith in Yeshua

rabbi Ben Avraham......................Shabbat Shalom
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"Lech-Lecha" (go out) GEN 12
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