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 "Noah" and the Genesis Flood

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Jacob Ben Avraham
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PostSubject: "Noah" and the Genesis Flood   Sat Oct 17, 2015 6:52 pm

Parasha "Noah"        

GENESIS 6:9-11:32.....................ISAIAH 54:1-55:5..................1 PETER 3:18-22

In this Parasha, we see righteous Noach,. and his obedience to YHVH, as HE reveals the plan of destruction for mankind to Noach, and also, reveals HIS plan of YESHUAH (salvation) to Noach and his family.  We see a definite division between "the bad guys" and the "good guy" between "unrighteousness" and "righteousness" Noach and his family were saved through obedience, and the obedience came from his FAITH in YHVH, so it still boils down to faith.  Had Noach lacked faith, he would not have built the ark, and if he hadn't built the ark , ALL mankind and animal kind would have perished, and we would all be plants or flowers today. 

But Noach DID build the ark, and G-d gave Noach sufficient time to do it in, more than 100 years to built, since he didn't have chain saws back then.  The Ark was to be a "temporary house" for Noach, his family, and his animal friends.  The Hebrew letter "beit" symbolizes a "house" and the letter beit is "2" in Gematria, which symbolizes "division and unity" which leads us back to the "division" that God made between evil mankind and Noach and his family, and "unity" which describes Noach's household of faith, Himself, his wife, (according to midrash, Noach married "Na'amah" a daughter of Enoch) and his three sons and their wives, and YHVH,  (a pretty good family).

The  dates are important, the "second month on the seventeenth day" was when the flood waters hit the earth, It was in the "second month" that YHVH allowed those that could not keep the Passover in the month of Nissan, to  celebtrate  it in the following month. the "second month" as Passover =judgment on the Egyptians and Salvation for the Hebrews, the flood meant "judgment on evil mankind, and salvation for the "Noach family"

The "Ark" itself, symbolizes "Yeshuah" for all those who entered it, salvation from death by water, yet Noach and his family still went "through" the judgment by flood waters, yet were not affected by it.  Yeshua is our "Ark of  salvation" from which we escape the punishment of  eternal damnation

"The ark came to rest on the moutains of Ararat in the seventh month on the 17th dayof the month.  This is during the time of "Sukkot" (Feast of Tabernacles) a time to rejoice because YHVH is in our midst, and we wave "green leafy plants" remember the dove brought back a "green leaf" an olive branch, the symbol of Israel,  YHVH was in the midst of Noach and his family, and the Ark was a "temporary dwelling place" as were the "sukkot" in the wilderness.

In the "first month on the first day" Noach and his family came out of the ark and stepped on dry land, it was a great "Happy New Year" In the first month (NIssan) we celebrate Passover, and as the Israelites went "through" the waters and stepped on dry land in the land of Midian, so Noach and his family stepped on dry land, from being in the "midst" of the waters, yet safe and dry.

Another subject,  about  "Ham" after the flood, Noach got drunk!,  Noach was righteous,  he wasn't "perfect" he still had his flaws, he sinned just like we do,  Ham "saw: the "nakedness" of his father Noach, yet Noach realized that Ham had "done" something to him, so we can only imagine, what Ham might have done, perhaps some sort of sexual, or homosexual act, but the Torah doesn't say what was "Done unto him" yet Noach cursed his grandson "Canaan" why Canaan? he didn't do anything, Yet Ham had already been blessed by Noach, so Noach couldn't curse him so he cursed "Canaan" that seems unfair doesn't it? but perhaps God gave Noah a vision of what the Canaanites would do in the future. so, he cursed them, and today, there are no Canaanites in the world. 

"For a brief moment I have forsaken you, but with great mercies, I will gather you, with a little wrath I hid my face from you for a moment; but with everlasting kindness I will have mercy on you says YHVH your "Goel" (redeemer)"

This is just like a loving father, who chastises his children, with love, yet with sternness, YHVH is a Father, and a husband, to his beloved Yisrael, and to all of us who have been adopted into HIS family.  Will a good father allow his children to do "whatever" without consequences? Will a good husband not guide his wife it what is good for her?
Those who are NOT his children, belong to the deceiver, the Father of lies, he will give "his" children whatever they want, because, in the end, they belong to him, and he wants company in hell.  YHVH had mercy and grace "Chesed v' rachamim" in that while we were all sinners (and still are) came to earth in human form and gave HIS life for a ransom for many, so that all who wish to be gathered together, would trust in HIM who gave his life, and gave us YESHUAH!

1 PETER 3:18-22

"Kefa ha talmid" (Peter the disciple) writes to believers and reminds them of the past, in the days of Noah, ALL heard the warnings of Noah, but none took heed, all laughed, all continued in their sinful ways, and all died in the waters of judgment, and now, in the fires of hell, too late, Yeshua went into the nether regions and "preached" to these souls, yet only to remind them that they had a chance, but now, forever, too late, the "Ark" of Noah was in a way, "Yeshua" the "Ark of Salvation".  Yet to the others in Sheol, the ones in "paradise" He took them with him, "Led the captives free" including "Lazarus" who was there, yet the "rich man" took his place with the lost, who are still there.... and still suffer pain, fire, misery, sorrow, and forever...... kinda scary to think about that.

"Baptism" is symbolic of the resurrection of Messiah Yeshua, when as believers, we go through believers' baptism, we identify ourselves with the "burial" and resurrection of Messiah Yeshua.  I guess it is kind of like having a "family crest" sewn onto our jacket, it tells the world who we are and to whose family we belong to..

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Ben Avraham
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"Noah" and the Genesis Flood
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