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 GENESIS 1:1 (and the Torah study begins again)

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Jacob Ben Avraham
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PostSubject: GENESIS 1:1 (and the Torah study begins again)    Sat Oct 10, 2015 6:07 pm

Today at 12:09 AM

GENESIS 1:1- chap 6           ISAIAH 42 - 43               JOHN 1:1-6

We are back at the beginning again.  The study of Torah is a cycle which never ends, and never stops, it is continuous, There is so much to comment on just in the first verses of Genesis, It is about "creation" "covenant" and "division"

The first 10 words are ;  "In the Beginning, G-d created the Heavens and the Earth"  (in English)  also in Spanish, the same
                                         " En el principio, Dios creo los cielos y la tierra"   BUT IN HEBREW.....................................
The first 7 words are:   B'reisheet Bara Elohim Et HaShamayim v"et ha Aretz.   

We have SPACE (the heavens)  TIME  (in the beginning)  and MATTER (the earth) is includes also the 4 dimensions that are known to man (up to now)  Length, Width, Height, and time,  time is also a dimension, we can measure all things in length, width, and height, and also the time it took to make that certain object, we also see from our standpoint  UP (the heavens) and DOWN (the earth and under the earth, under the waters.   

Everything starts with the "B" (Bait) Elohim steps out of eternity past and speaks into existence ALL matter known to us , the first law of Thermodynamics, He creates TIME as we know it, so there exists two big dimensions, ETERNITY, AND TIME, or INFINITY and FINITITY, time and timelessness.  These are two parallel dimensions that co-exist with each other, we came from one, exist in the other, and will return to the first one.  We came from G-d, he had our souls and spirits, he gave us EARTHLY bodies, and when they wear out, we will return to our creator and spend ETERNITY either with Him or without HIM, depending on our personal relationship with Yeshua, and how we deal with sin. 
B' REISHEET = (in the beginning)  "B" is the symbol for "house" and is equal to the number '2" which can mean "unity or division"
the beginning of "time" as we know it, since eternity has no beginning nor end.  Elohim created the universe as a "unity" everything joined together in harmony and for a purpose, yet "divided" in order
BARA = to create, He spoke all things into existence, using Words, one can say that the Alef-Bet was created first because He used words to create all other things, Things that came into being without previous matter, and things, such as the plants, animals, and mankind, from the earth itself.
ELOHIM = the Tri-unity, the "Godhead" in Christian terminology, the "trinity" G-d the Father, G-d the Son, G-d the Holy Spirit, all three created all that we see today, and what we never saw that existed in the past, including the Velociraptors and T-Rexes, and I am glad I didn't have a chance to see them, nor that they saw me, the name ELOHIM has a connotation of being the "Great and Powerful creator God" the great EL,  there is a story that the Alef-Bet (Alpha-bet) had an argument, and that the ALEF said to God
"Why start the Torah with the B"? I am first, I am the ALEF,  and God said "Alef, don't worry, B symbolizes HOUSE and I am creating a big,big House called "planet earth" for all mankind, animals, and plants, yet YOU the Alef will symbolize ME, the only and all powerful ELOHIM. the alef went away happy.
ET = (no, not the "ET phone home guy") It really has no translation, but the ALEF and TAV symbolize the Beginning and the end, it also symbolizes the Great and all powerful God of the covenant, it just reminds us the Elohim has covenanted with us.
HA SHAMAYIM = The heavens, there are three basic "heavens" the air around us, the heavens where the planets and stars are, and the New Jerusalem, the Great City of God, the heavens consist of "water" (Mayim)
HA ARETZ = the earth, where we live, the place that was made perfect and made imperfect by man through the curse of sin.  

The Torah mentions "Light" it also "came into being" we can understand "light" to be  "Yeshua" "the Torah" "all that is perfect" and it was separated from the darkness, all that is opposite,  like "sin" "Satan" "evil" etc, yet the physical darkness is "good" because it allows us to rest, to sleep, for plants, animals to rest and sleep, pictures were developed in "darkness" so it has it's place.  I could continue, but I would be at this PC all night long, so , this is just the tip of the Iceberg.

ISAIAH 42 - 43 

We see here that the prophet is talking about Yeshua, the one who CREATED, the one who would OPEN BLIND EYES, and be a LIGHT to the NATIONS,   When we look at the words in chapters 42 - 43, we see a picture of Yeshua and his ministry

JOHN 1:1-6 

These verses just confirm Genesis 1:1, Here Yeshua is called the VERB, or the WORD , the WORD was with ELOHIM,  He is the LIVING WORD, the LIVING TORAH, who made all things and through HIM, all things exist, It is HE who paid the price of sin with his own blood, and brought redemption and Salvation to ALL who would accept HIM as LORD and SAVIOUR, 

Rabbi Ben Avraham
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GENESIS 1:1 (and the Torah study begins again)
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