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 Parasha: "HaAzinu" (give ear) DEUT 32:1-52

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Jacob Ben Avraham
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PostSubject: Parasha: "HaAzinu" (give ear) DEUT 32:1-52   Fri Sep 25, 2015 11:09 pm

PARASHA "HaAZINU" (give ear to "Shirim Moshe" ) The song of Moshe

DEUT: 32:1-52.................2 SAM 22:1-51...................ROM 10:14-11:12

Shabbat Shalom,

In this Parasha, Moshe is giving his "farewell" speech to his people, we can divide it up in three parts;
  1.  Calling the "Heavens and earth" as witnesses.  Torah says that in having witnesses to anything, there should be "at least" 2.  SO we are seeing this, BUT, there are many more than just "2" witnesses.  How is that?  Well, in the "Heavens" there are millions and millions of angels hearing the words of Moses. and on "earth" there are the 3 million or so Israelites who left Egypt, all hearing Moses' final words.

He is saying in such a way that YHVH is "Perfect" in all ways, However, WE are the ones who have gone astray, What a tragedy to have walked with YHVH all these years, witness his miracles, his provision, and still rebel against Him.

HE  is the ROCK , His work is PERFECT.  That describes God in a nutshell, the word "rock" in Hebrew is "Tzur" which we can look at through the ancient Hebraic symbols as "Someone who is hooked onto the supreme being who is secure" or the "righteous one who has hooked on to that which is secure"  In ancient times, fishermen used large rocks and somehow, bore holes in them and used them as boat anchors.  In Israel, I saw a few of them in shops in the city of Jaffa.  We as believers must always take hold of the ROCK who is YHVH.  With rocks, almost all the ancient houses were built.  I saw that in Israel, the ruins of many villages had volcanic rock as the building rocks.

Moshe, through the Ruach Ha Kodesh, continues using the word "Rock" referring to God, ......then he forsook God (YHVH) who made him, and scornfully esteemed the Rock of his "Yeshuah" (salvation)   Many forsake and scorn our creator, either through ignorance, or through false belief systems, such as "evolution" (trying to explain life without God)  If we look at the world around us, almost all things we use to build with, were once "rocks" even "glass" was once "quartz" which is a rock

the other word that is similar to "rock" is "stone" which in Hebrew is "Aven"  the word is a combination of the words  "Av" + "Ben"
(Father and son) . When we look at the Gematria, the name of God (YHVH) adds up to "26" and "Aven" adds up to "53" BUT when we do "cross addition" adding the 2+6 = 8,  and the 5+3 = 8, both words equal "8" .  8 is the number that symbolizes "new beginning" we have a "new beginning" through Yeshua who is part of the Father.

....chap 32, vs 31.... "their rock is not our Rock" meaning their (the pagans) have their "rock" (false gods) and our Rock, is YHVH

2 SAM 22:1-51

King David is also "singing his last song" and also mentions the word "rock'... "The LORD (YHVH) is my ROCK and my deliverer"
...."blessed be my ROCK... (verse 47)  we see that the spiritual meaning of the word "Rock" is YHVH, when we add up the letters in the word "rock' (Tzur) we get  296.  When look at the meaning of each number, we get  "2" ( union) "9"( divine blessing and completeness)  "6" (man)  so we can understand the combination of these numbers to mean "The God who is united as One (Echad) is complete and gives blessings to MAN, who, God himself, became man, to die for our sins.  It is an interesting way to look at the symbolic meaning of "Tzur" in relationship with our creator.  

ROMANS 10:14 - 11:12

Rav Shaul (Paul) is emphasizing the importance of evangelism and teach the WORD.  'How can one believe if that person has not heard? all the more reason to go and teach the WORD of God to those who are willing to hear.  Like I said, "Willing" the gospel, the Torah should not be forced on anyone, it is to be offered willingly, to those who want to hear it,  that should be every believer's goal is to share the good news, teach the WORD to others, but that requires study, understanding, wisdom, we must be prepared to teach others, so that they might hear and believe.

Many in Israel heard, but did not believe, the same is today, many still do not believe, even when they have heard.  Some day, the scripture says that ALL ISRAEL will be saved, meaning that those who hear that Yeshua is Messiah WILL believe and accept, YHVH has already seen that, it is yet to come, but hopefully, not far off in the future.  

Grace is not of works, and works not of Grace,   YES, the two are separate.  We are all saved through GRACE, just like Adam Eve were, and we have all been called to do GOOD WORKS, following Torah commandments, yet they are separate in meaning, salvation comes by GRACE, only, and because we have been saved by GRACE, we have new desires, to show our love for God, through obedience to His Word.   

SHABBAT SHALOM..................Rabbi Ben Avraham
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Parasha: "HaAzinu" (give ear) DEUT 32:1-52
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