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 Parasha: VaYelech (and he went) DEUT 31: 1- 30

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Jacob Ben Avraham
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PostSubject: Parasha: VaYelech (and he went) DEUT 31: 1- 30    Fri Sep 18, 2015 9:57 pm

PARASHA:  "VaYelech" (and he went) 

DEUT: 31:1-30...................ISAIAH 55:6-56:8....................ROM 7:7-12

This is the final dialog that Moshe gives to the people.  It is believed that these final chapters of D'barim (Deuteronomy) were written by YeHoshua (Joshua) recording the final days and speech of Moshe. 

Seems like Moshe spoke these words on his birthday, He tells his people "I am 120 years old today"  This is something wonderful to consider.  Moses' life can be divided into three parts, the first 40 years, the second 40 years, and the third 40 years. 

The first 40 years were spent as prince of Egypt, a military general and leader, even back then, YHVH was preparing his servant for a great task, one of which he was not yet aware of.  We can think of ourselves, even when we were small children, way before this time today, YHVH had us in mind, in the role we would play in the "now-and-today" times.  The second 40 years were spent in the desert region of Midian, which is now known as Saudi Arabia, YHVH had to move him there through adverse circumstances, a fight, a murder, Moshe takes flight, on the run, yet becomes part of the family of Yitro, gets to know the desert region, because, that is where he will bring his people,  He is in "ministry training" in the "school of hard knocks" He is learning to care for sheep, He goes from leading soldiers, to leading sheep, to leading 3 million slaves. 

At 80 years old, he receives the calling from YHVH,  "Go and get MY people" Imagine that, at 80 years old, the most important time in the life of Moshe, when his ministry "just begins" most people , those who reach 80, are doing who knows what? maybe in an old folks home, in a wheel chair,  "retired" just resting,. not doing much of anything any more, of course, some are still active.

He continues to remind the people of "obedience to YHVH, to the Torah" he directs the whole Torah to be read every 7 years during the festival of Sukkot.  We are blessed these days that we do not have to wait 7 years to read His Word, every day, through out the year, we read it , and learn from it, and share it with others, teaching others HIS Words.

But he give prophecy that "they will go astray, and will do evil before the LORD" YHVH tells him that, We can imagine how Moshe must feel, after all he has done, after all the miracles that the Israelites have seen, they still disobey. after the warnings of curses, they still disobey, Perhaps, this is too much for Moses to bare, YHVH decides to take him home,

He also appoints Joshua (Yehoshua) to take his place as leader, That is something we can learn to do,  we will not be here for ever, we are not eternal physical beings (thanks to Adam) so, we must prepare someone else to take our place, for those of us involved in ministry, ; teaching, preaching, being pastor, rabbi, etc..  so that when we are no longer here, someone else will take up where we have left off, so as not to leave a "hole" a ship without a captain goes without direction, anywhere the waves send it,

The first 5 books of the Torah were placed with the Ark of the Covenant in the tabernacle, and later, in the temple,. and read to all the people every seven years, although we know that we must read the whole Bible every year, not only read it, but study it, applying it to our lives. 

ISAIAH 55:6-56:8

" SEEK  YHVH  WHILE HE MAY BE FOUND, CALL UPON HIM WHILE HE IS NEAR"   Interesting words, is there a time when He "Can't " be found?  or a time when He is NOT near?  Each person is given a time limit, days allotted on earth, and only YHVH knows our number of days,  many turn hard, harden their hearts in such a way that they will "not" search for YHVH, they will not WANT to, so far as they are concerned then, YHVH will not be able to be found, outside of a miracle.  They will not want to call upon Him, for to them, He will be very far. 

HOWEVER...if the wicked forsake their ways, and turn to HIM, then, He will be found! and a new relationship established.  The Word of God will go forth, and will NOT return void, it will accomplish either ;  causing a person to repent, or  causing a person to think deeply about his or her life, and when the time is right, the Word will take root,  or...will be rejected, it is each person's choice.


ROMANS 7:7-12

Purpose of the Torah? to bring to all of us the knowledge of sin! what sin is! what holiness is! to discern between the clean and the unclean, so that we are without excuse.  When we realize that sin is part of our lives, the Torah leads us to Yeshua, who paid for our sins completely, with whom we enter into a relationship with. So the Torah is indeed Kadosh, Holy, and perfect, a perfect teacher that leads us into a perfect relationship with Messiah Yeshua.

SHABBAT SHALOM.....................Rabbi Ben Avraham
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Parasha: VaYelech (and he went) DEUT 31: 1- 30
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