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 Parsha: B'ha'alotcha (in your setting up) Numbers 8 - 12

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Jacob Ben Avraham
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PostSubject: Parsha: B'ha'alotcha (in your setting up) Numbers 8 - 12   Fri Jun 05, 2015 3:53 pm

PARSHA:  B'ha'alotcha  (in your setting up)

Numbers: 8:1 - 12:16        Zech 2:10 - 4:7   

I Corinthians 10:6-13                     

Well, tomorrow I'll be leaving for Israel for 6 weeks, so, this might be the last midrash for a while.  Keep me in your prayers, as I support the IDF as a volunteer along with a few more people who have a heart to serve Israel with their mind, body, and spirit. Don't worry, they won't send us into combat. But we need to be there to do work on base so that the soldiers can do their training to combat against terrorism.  As king David's army went to fight the enemy, some of the soldiers stayed behind to "keep the home fires burning" "to take care of the stuff" so, that's what we will do, care for the "stuff" on base

We see the "setting up" of the Mishkan, starting with the Menorah, remember that the Menorah is the only light inside the tabernacle, so the place of worship, service, has the "lamp of God" we are living tabernacles, since the Ruach Ha Kodesh is our light, and as long as we don't grieve the Holy Spirit with sinful habits, the light of G-d will burn bright inside of us.

The Levites were dedicated and cleansed for serve t the LORD.  We look at the sacrifices that were offered; a young bull with grain offering, mixed with oil.  We can see the symbolism in this, the bull is the blood offering, since there can be no redemption without the blood, the bull symbolizes strength, we serve a "powerful, almighty God" the grain can symbolize Yeshua, who is the "bread of Life" since bread is made from grain, and it is "fine" flour, the best and the purest.  and the oil, which symbolizes the Holy Spirit, so, we are dedicated to the LORD's service through the blood of Messiah Yeshua, who is the bread of life and who gives us the indwelling of the Ruach HaKodesh

A cloud and fire were the manifestations of Elohim in the presence of the Israelites.  He would be with them as a cloud by day and a fire by night.  One can only imagine a "column of fire" leading the way, an ever-present warning to the enemy to "stay away"  The LORD makes his presence known to us today through his Holy Spirit, at times he may send signs to make himself known, but when we look at the big picture, his presence is revealed through every living thing on earth.

70 elders were chosen to receive the Ruach Ha Kodesh, they were blessed to get that gift from YHVH, but can you imagine if G-d were to just pick 70 or 100 out of the millions upon millions of believers today to receive the Holy Spirit? what about the rest? What would have happened if the fire of Shavuot just rested upon the 12 and no one more? we would be in a sad state,  but YHVH has blessed EVERY believer with the gift of the Holy Spirit, so that we can ALL prophesy, when I say that, it means to be able to read and learn the Torah of YHVH and interpret it correctly, understand its meaning and convey that meaning to others, a navi, a prophet was one who receive the WORD from YHVH and communicated it to the people, Today, we have God's Word and we are to read it, study it, and convey its message of YESHUAH to all who will listen. 
__________________________________________________ZECHARIAH 2:10 

YHVH is telling us to "sing and rejoice" because, he is "coming" Yes, the King is coming soon to bring peace on this earth, Many nations will be joined to the LORD, not only Israel will be "God's people" but ALL who come to accept Him, follow his Torah, and receive Yeshua as Messiah, and LORD, along with the Israelites, the olive tree will have 'new branches" that will be part of the Tree of Life.    "IF" you walk in my ways and if you keep my commandments....
THEN...  it is always a conditional covenant, the blessings of YHVH come through obedience to HIS WORD, and to his LIVING WORD

Rav Shaul admonishes the believers at Corinth to stay away from evil, and not to get enticed into different kinds of sin.  The city of Corinth in Greece was a very corrupt city, and some believers seem to have fallen by the way side, falling from grace, he says we are ALL tempted, even Yeshua was tempted by HaSatan.  It doesn't mean we have to succumb to temptation, 
sometimes, if we know our weakness, we can avoid certain things, if you were an alcoholic, then don't walk in front of a bar, if illicit sex was a weakness, then don't put yourself in a situation that finds you alone with the opposite sex, above all, pray that the Ruach will always give you the strength to endure all temptation that comes by your way.

Shabbat shalom....rabbi Petersen
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Parsha: B'ha'alotcha (in your setting up) Numbers 8 - 12
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