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 Parsha "Nasso" (when you elevate) Numbers 4:21-7:89

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Jacob Ben Avraham
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PostSubject: Parsha "Nasso" (when you elevate) Numbers 4:21-7:89   Sat May 30, 2015 6:30 pm

PARSHA:  "Nasso" (when you elevate)

NUMBERS 4:21 - 7:89          JUDGES 13:2-25          ACTS 21:17-26  

This parsha has to do with various themes,  the responsibility of the Levites and certain families, unclean persons isolated, confession and restitution, concerning unfaithful wives, the Nazarites,

We see that YHVH assigns different tasks to the Levite families, of transporting and carrying the holy items of the Mishkan.  Every person has a certain thing to do, no idleness, no "what-ever" but a certain task.  In the work of YHVH every believer is called to do something in ministry, for that reason the Ruach HaKodesh, has endowed each and every believer with gifts, some to teach as Torah teachers, Hebrew or Greek teachers, pastors/rabbis, others in the field of Youth, music, praise, administration, etc, we are all part of a great Army, and all soldiers are at work, like a well oiled machine, if the body of Messiah is to continue forward, we must all do our part.

We see that under the old covenant, "unclean" (tamei) persons were cast out of the camp, until they became "Tahor" (Clean) again.  But now, under the new Covenant, we need only to confess and turn from our uncleanness (sin) and receive the forgiveness of Messiah Yeshua. It is no longer a "physical" separation which matters, it is a "heart" matter.  We can be "tamei" inside and be miserable, not enjoying the fellowship in our Kehilah, or we can get right with the LORD and enjoy fellowship, the choice is ours. true "Teshuvah" is turning from sin AND turn towards Messiah.  We need to STOP and TURN, not just STOP.

Confession and restitution;  there is more than just confession of a sin, if it is something material, we must "return" or "replace" that which was lost, stolen, broken, etc.  That makes perfect sense, it creates "credibility" in the eyes of the person suffering loss, to see that the person is "making good" and creates a good witness for Messiah Yeshua.  But there are some things that can not be replaced, like a "destroyed reputation" through Leshon-Hara, it may take years to establish trust and/or a friendship, but only moments to destroy it.

concerning unfaithful wives; this was a test to prove the faithfulness or adultery of an accused wife, sometimes, the husband was just plain jealous, but sometimes, his suspicions proved correct, then...woe to the unfaithful wife, she would rot away from her insides, this is the only time the infallible, most holy name of G-d (YHVH) could be written and erased, (washed into the water-dust mixture.  It is customary that once one writes the letters YHVH on a surface, (paper, canvas, rock, wood, etc) it should not be erased, due to the respect of the Holiness of HIS name.  Even today, we should have the utmost respect for the NAME of G-d, in writing, in speech, and in mitzvoth. 

Nazarite: a person who has dedicated himself or herself to G-d, in all ways, back then, the hair was not to be cut, and the person had to abstain from wine, grapes, touching dead bodies, 
Can one be a Nazarite today? there is nothing in the Torah which says contrary, but if one choses to be, may the person be faithful in that calling, I believe one can dedicate himself or herself to the LORD without vowing a Nazarite vow, it is the heart (not the hair) which matters 
(I wonder If some of the hippies in the 60s had nazarites in mind?) but not likely.   

We see the calling of Shimshon, as a Nazarite, from birth, but because of carnality, Sampson broke all of his vows, touching dead carcass (lion) drinking wine with the Philistines, allowing his hair to be cut in "Delilah's barbershop" result? Sampson was put in chains, a slave to the Philistines, but in the end, he repented and "brought down the house of Dagon" it was the Ruach Ha Kodesh which gave Shimshon his physical strength , not his hair, the hair was just a symbol of his Nazarite state, may we all be faithful to whatever our calling is, and if we falter, may we confess our sins and receive forgiveness from above.

We see the example in Rav Shaul, so many Y'hudim receiving and believing in Yeshua, and were ALL Torah observant, none were saying, "The Torah is no good any more" today, the word "law" is used in more circles. However, many believed a false report that Rav Shaul was saying just that, so , to prove that He also was Torah observant, took a Nazarite vow as well, to prove that he also loved the Torah of YHVH, considered it valid, Kadosh, and good, and so should all believers today, love the WORD of YHVH and the "Living Torah" as well

Shabbat Shalom... rabbi

I will be in Israel next Shabbat, until almost the end of July, on a mission trip of service to support the IDF, pray for my going and coming home (hey, I may not want to come home)
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Parsha "Nasso" (when you elevate) Numbers 4:21-7:89
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