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 Parsha "Emor" (say..) LEVITICUS 21 - 24

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Jacob Ben Avraham
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PostSubject: Parsha "Emor" (say..) LEVITICUS 21 - 24   Fri May 01, 2015 5:29 pm


LEVITICUS 21:1 - 24:23,      EZEQUIEL 44:15 - 31,         1 PETER 2: 4-10  

This week's Parsha talks about two subjects;  The Holiness of the priests  "HaKodesh Cohenim"  since they are dedicated and set aside to serve YHVH, therefore they need to be holy in all ways, as we can say, "inside and out" since it is no good to be "clean" (tahor) outside yet "tamei" (unclean) inside.  The priests are YHVH's representatives of Am Israel.  It talks about the "blemishes" and all the physical defects that can render a priest "unable" to offer sacrifices in the Mishkan (Tabernacle) and later on, in the temple, yet as a priest, he could eat of the offering, yet could not, himself, offer any.  We can be very sure that not all the levite males were priests that offered sacrifices and incense in the temple and tabernacle, quite a few probably had physical defects that rendered them unable to perform these tasks, however, there were other things they could do to serve YHVH.  

We look at today, as believers in Yeshua, we are called "priests" unto HaShem, we can all go boldly into the "Holy of Holies" and meet with the LORD one-on-one, so as to say.  There are no physical restrictions that prohibit us from serving Adonai, in utilizing our gifts of the Holy Spirit, unless we have to do something physical, and some can not, because of illnesses.  The LORD does not look on the outward appearance, but on the heart.  There are not animal sacrifices anymore, because the "lamb of God" gave himself once and for all time, to "cut through" the red tape of prohibitions that before in the days of old, prohibited some from ministry.   

Since we are all called to some kind of ministry, since there should not be any "lazy bones" that just show up to Shabbos service, have a good lunch, then go home, and repeat that next Shabbos, or those that attend Sunday service, and then go home,  ALL need to be involved in something, For that is the reason we were saved, saved unto "good works" to share, teach, preach, evangelize, play music, visit, administer, fix things, pray, intercede, and the list goes on.   We are reminded of the lepers that had different types of "Tza-arat" they were outcasts until there illnesses were healed, Some today might be physically ill, but inside pure as gold, YHVH will in no way cast away those who have physical defects, yet are "born again" But just as Yeshua healed the sick, He can also heal those who are physically ill today, as yesterday, be the healing in his perfect will.    

The rest of the Parsha speaks of the "Moedim K'doshim"  (the Holy appointed times) that He has called us to celebrate,  not "Jewish" days, but "GOD's" days, for ALL believers.  How do these symbolize Messiah Yeshua?  starting in Chap 23:    "The Sabbath"....... our day of rest, which symbolizes our Messiah, that gave us "rest" from our inner turmoil with sin, and allows us spiritually to rest in HIM, as we also rest physically from our labors.    "The Passover and unleavened bread"........ Messiah Yeshua is our Passover Lamb, who was offered up as our sacrifice for sin, the unleavened bread......Yeshua who is the "Bread of Life"  (Lechem Chai"   Feast of Weeks and First fruits  (Shavuot and HaBikurim) Yeshua is our First fruits of Salvation, who rose from the dead.  It was on Shavuot when the Torah was given on Sinai,  and on Shavuot when the Ruach Ha Kodesh came down from Heaven (Pentecost) giving us HIS ever lasting presence.  .  "The Feast of Trumpets" ...... which begins the "days of awe" that reminds us to think about our relationship with YHVH. the announcement that the "KING is coming"
"Yom Kippur" ...the most holy day of all, which symbolizes when Messiah gave his all on the cross, when the "way"into the "Holy of Holies" was opened to all, "The Feast of Tabernacles" which symbolizes when "God came to live among man" He came down in a cloud and in fire to rest upon the tabernacle,  He came a second time in human form to earth in the city of Beit-Lechem (Bethlehem) during this time, He came a third time as the Holy Spirit as "tongues of fire and a great wind"  and HE will come again to receive HIS people, so that where He is, we will be also

EZEKIEL  44:15-31

The prophet mentions the priests of the family of "Zadok" these were the ones who did not corrupt themselves.  We are to be like them, no compromise with the world, "And they shall teach my people the difference between the holy and the and the unholy, and cause them to discern between the unclean and the clean" this is also the job and ministry of those who teach the WORD, a very important task, to those who have been called to minister as "teaching priests"

1 PETER 2:4-10 

"Ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation" HE has chosen US, as HIS generation , a generation of faith, we reap the benefits of this covenant renewed, we are part of HIS chosen nation, and we are priests.  He is the ROCK, He is our foundation, and all of our mitzvoth should be grounded upon HIM, Our "sacrifices" as the Word says, are "spiritual" in form of prayer, good works, but the blood standard NEVER changes, It has been established once and for ever at Calvary, it establishes our "Yeshuah" (Salvation) and we are to respond with faith, and offer up sacrifices of praise, prayer, and good works, and live our lives according to the "Ways of the Torah"

Have a blessed Sabbath
Jacob Ben Avraham
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Parsha "Emor" (say..) LEVITICUS 21 - 24
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