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 Unfading Beauty

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Ola Olutayo
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PostSubject: Unfading Beauty   Fri Apr 24, 2015 5:06 pm

Unfading Beauty

Take it or leave it, the woman is the “in-thing”.  She was made from within a man, and is meant to be the core of his being. What goes on in a man eventually comes out of him. The woman is the rumbling and the calmness in a man that is expressed forth. The best out of God’s creation had to be “paused” until she was activated. She was created to emphasize God’s holy nature, to embrace her God-made posture, and to emit the unfading beauty given to her in endless measure. Therefore, let the woman stand tall, and be awakened to the destiny of her call; for he that disregards her plots his own downfall!
This is not to stimulate the woman to pride, but to actually suppress it. She is the “suppressed man”, just as the scripture puts it, “the weaker vessel” – I Peter 3:7. She is the epitome of beauty, but also, the expression of humility. Her beauty is like a waving flag, but her competence is the erect pole, and her character is the foundation established by sacrifice. Just as a flag may be still, torn, or fade in colour, so is the woman’s outward beauty. But if her competence remains unshaken, and her character unmoved, the intent and the message of the flag can always be renewed; for “true beauty never fades”. For clarity, the unfading beauty of a woman is expressed thus:

And the man said, “Finally! One like me, with bones from my bones and a body from my body. She was taken out of a man, so I will call her ‘woman’.” Genesis 2:23(ETR)

And the man said, “Finally!”

A lady’s charisma and beauty is not yet approved until a man says, ‘Finally!’ This implies that a young lady ought not to be carried away with charisma and beauty but to build her competence level. According to the scriptures, she is “getting up while it is still dark” – Proverbs 31:15a. She must be versatile, able to fit in every good work. To be competent is to have the necessary ability or knowledge to do something successfully or satisfactorily. Every woman must be reminded that God went to work when “no suitable helper was found for the man”, and not because other creatures weren’t beautiful or charismatic. A young lady’s unfading beauty is first and foremost her competence or versatility.

…so I will call her ‘woman’

Overtime, we tend to become what we are called, or what we call ourselves. And what we become is far greater than how beautiful we look. Every young lady must learn this as the second principle of maintaining an unfading beauty. This principle is called character. Your character is your identity; and people will call you by what they have identified you with. The woman was identified as something that came out of man, and so she was called. What is the constant thing you are identified with? Who do people say you are?

Above all, I believe that God made no mistake in making women beautiful and adorable. And every young lady must come to see herself in the face of Christ, who through submission and free will accomplished such a feat that no history can match. This is the call of a lady aiming at achieving an unfading beauty, and her reward is Christ himself!
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Unfading Beauty
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