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 TAZRIAH AND METZORAH: a look at the case for leprosy in the Bible

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Jacob Ben Avraham
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PostSubject: TAZRIAH AND METZORAH: a look at the case for leprosy in the Bible   Fri Apr 17, 2015 4:19 pm


LEVITICUS  12:1 - 15:33                 2 KINGS 7:3-20                    ROMANS 6:8-23

This Parsha is mainly about what is refered to as "Leprosy" this was a very infectious illness that was around in Bible days, as well as today as well.  We read about various individuals in the Bible that were struck with leprosy, Namaan the Syrian, Gehazi, Elisha's servant, Miriam,   The sister of Moshe,  HOWEVER. with the exception of Gehazi, all were healed,
We look at this disease today, and it is still around,  but it is called "Hanson's disease" it affects the nerves and the skin, and the nerves literally die and fingers, toes, nose, etc, rot and fall off the person's body,  it must have been horrible back then,  the person had to walk around with torn clothing, covering the upper lip crying "Tamei" "Tamei" (unclean, unclean) .
    In the Torah, the word for this disease is called "Tza'arat" but it is referred to, not only , to "hanson's disease" but to ALL kinds of skin diseases, from common rashes, to the worse case scenario.  many feel that "Tza-arat" is caused by "leshon-Hara" (evil tongue) gossiping and spreading false hoods, because we see that Miriam criticized Moshe and she was struck with Tza-arat, however, Moshe prayed and she was healed.  But she still had to leave the encampment for 7 days. 
   We also see when we read through the Parsha, that there was "Tza-arat" in bricks, walls, clothing,  we know this to be known  as "mold" and "mildew" YHVH knowing the dangers of this, told the Israelites to clean their clothing and wash the walls, and if the mold and mildew could not be removed, the clothing or piece of wall had to be destroyed or removed,  this was a very serious health issue back then, and it still is today.  
    Today, we can also look at this disease as affecting the soul as well, we can have spiritual Tza-arat, we can be "tamei" inside, those who are without Yeshua, are considered "tamei" in the eyes of God, because they are ruled by their sin nature, even born again believers, sometimes we let the sin nature get hold of us, and we lose fellowship with HaShem, and we are in "tamei" state until we confess and Teshuvah ourselves back into fellowship.
     Does God strike us with skin diseases if we run-off-with-the-mouth? well, He could!
it isn't always the case, but still, we must be aware of our spiritual life, We serve a living and healing God, He can heal us of our physical ailments if it is in His perfect will,  and he can also heal us spiritually, if we only come to Him in humbleness and sincerity. 
2 KINGS 7:3-20

We see the case of the lepers who were at the gate in Jerusalem, they were hungry and decided, inspite of being surrounded by the Syrians, to go out and look for food, even at the Syrian camp, but they found it abandoned, and they found much food, and provision.  They thought not of themselves, but in the inhabitants of their city, They went back to told the people in Jerusalem of the good news, YHVH had made the Syrians flee, God had mercy once again, and He used 4 lepers to call out to the city, the "All is clear" announcement.    Sometimes, God will use the most base people, the very poor, the sick, to reach out to others.   The KING of Kings and LORD of Lords, left his throne of glory to come to earth, as a poor carpenter, without a home of his own, a wanderer going "from here to there" never an owner of earthly real estate, He came to reach out to us, to set us all free from sin.  NOTE: it is never known if the 4 lepers received healing of their Tza-arat,
ROMANS 6:8-23 

"Do not let sin reign in your mortal bodies"  This is a message to believers since the book of Romans is written to the church in Rome, perhaps this was a problem with believers then as it is now,  we can use our bodies in lustful ways, we know what these ways are without getting into details, but it is part of the sin nature, that rears its ugly head, we must have dominion over it,  like  "Tzadikim"  (those who put under foot the monkey) or the sin nature.

Shabbat Shalom.....................rabbi Ben Avraham
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TAZRIAH AND METZORAH: a look at the case for leprosy in the Bible
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