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 PARSHA "KI TISA" (When you take) EXODUS 30 - 34

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Jacob Ben Avraham
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PostSubject: PARSHA "KI TISA" (When you take) EXODUS 30 - 34   Fri Mar 06, 2015 7:50 pm

b][/b]EXODUS 30:11-34:35         1 KINGS 18:1-39     1 COR 8:4-13

PARSHA:  KI TISA  (When you take)

Shabbat shalom. Just a mention about Purim, which was on Thursday, there is no mention of God in the whole book of Esther, BUT, we still see YHVH moving throughout the story, Esther, as queen was a mediator between the King and her people, as Yeshua is our mediator. 
In this Parsha, there are various themes,  shekel offerings for the Mishkan
the bronze laver, the incense, the golden calf, the breaking of the tablets, the covenant renewed. 
1. the shekels - one half shekel weight of silver, had to be brought by everyone, instead of as one would say "taking a head count" the silver would be stored to make repairs when needed,  as today, we have tithes and offering, these serve to help pay for utilities, rent, repairs, tzedak, etc... makes sense,
2.  Bronze laver - to wash the hands and feet of the priests who did the sacrifices, it was a very bloody job, and this is how the priests and levites cleaned them- selves up before entering the inner Mishkan
3.  Anointing oil and incense - Remember that these have symbolic meanings, we look at the oil as the "Ruach HaKodesh" that is on the believers, and the "incense" which symbolizes our prayers that go up to HaShem.  For our prayers to be effective, we need to be under the anointing of the Ruach.  It is worth mentioning that when the priests were anointed, Moshe took the oil and put some on their right earlobe, their right thumb, and their right toe.  What is the message here?   so the priests would always "HEAR" (Shema) and LISTEN TO G-d's voice,
to always DO his will, and WALK in His perfect ways, it speaks of HALACHA, (one's faith walk) 
The Golden calf - shows how wayward one can go when left alone, a lot of lack of faith.  One ask why Aaron didn't take charge and order and reprimand the Israelites.  Well, legend has it that Ben Hur (not the Ben Hur in the movie played by Charston Heston, wrong time period any way) was murdered by the crowd, because he refused to make a golden calf, so, Aaron, fearful of his life, made one, but this is just a legend, may or may not be true.  Perhaps the Israelites really believed that the spirit of Elohim would enter the calf, since the bull and ox symbolized the "Strength of YHVH" even If their intentions were good, it didn't fly with God.  "THOU SHALT NOT MAKE ANY GRAVEN IMAGES" that's a clear message.  It funny how Aaron says,  "I just threw the gold in the fire and out popped the calf" (wow, magic, yeah buddy!) didn't fly with Moshe either.  
Moshe intervenes and reestablishes covenant:
Moshe broke the tablets of the Mitzvoth, which is a sign of "covenant broken" however, he intercedes before YHVH, just like Yeshua intercedes before our Heavenly father.  He points to the blood and says; "my blood paid for their sins"
this must happen millions of times each day if we look at reality.  God says,
"Moshe, make two new stone tablets, and I'll write the covenant again" aren't we happy that Adonai is a G-d of second chances, and thirds, and fourths, etc...
"Let me see your glory"  (Moshe wanted a little more of God) and he got the "tail end " of his request, the pure essence of YHVH is so much that it will drive the spirit out of man, so he viewed the "back side" or the "tail end" of God's glory, like I saw the "tail end of Hailey's Comet" going past the earth back in 1985 when I  was in college.   When YHVH went by, He told Moshe the 13 attributes of HIS person:   Compassionate, gracious, slow to anger, loving kindness, truth, forgives
sin , yet does not leave the guilty unpunished,   And we can see all these attributes reflected in Yeshua,  does not say "does not get angry" yet "slow to anger" but we can see the anger of the LORD many times manifested in the Torah
"punishes the guilty"  yes, there is a price for sin, there is forgiveness, but there is also chastisement,  but also, the "un saved guilty" those lost, those who reject Yeshua and refuse the gift of Salvation, suffer the worst punishment, eternal separation from God in the Lake of Fire.
Moshe's face shines - like a 1,000 Watt light bulb or more, if you can imagine that, since he was in the very presence of YHVH, imagine Adam and Eve before their sin, they were clothed with the Shekinah light of YHVH, it was their covering,  The Hebrew word "OR" is "light" and also "skin" but the spelling is different
1 KINGS 18:    talk about an attitude, Elijah was not fooling around, He meant serious business, "either YHVH is God, or Baal is" if Baal isn't, well, Hellooooo!
that leaves YHVH, so Israelites, make a stand NOW!  the priests of Baal made a fatal choice, YHVH won the contest, He won against the gods of Egypt, and now against Baal,  Do we have false gods in our life? if so, get rid of them, before our Heavenly father takes serious action. 
1 COR 8:4-13
Food sacrificed to idols. rav Shaul is saying that "idols" are really not gods, they have no life, but not all believers realize this, many are young or weak in the faith
So, Yes, we know, but, if certain foods will make a young believer stumble, then, we should abstain from "such and such" food, for their sake .  If drinking wine is considered sinful for some believers, then, in their presence, we should drink grape juice, even though Manaschevitz and Mogen David grape wine taste better and might give you a buzzzz.  Just, for the other believer's sake, just accept the grape juice, and drink the wine at home when you are by yourself.  
Shabbat Shalom.................Rabbi J. Ben Avraham
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PARSHA "KI TISA" (When you take) EXODUS 30 - 34
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