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 PARSHA "B'SHALACH" (When he sent)

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Jacob Ben Avraham
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PostSubject: PARSHA "B'SHALACH" (When he sent)    Fri Jan 30, 2015 6:14 pm


EXODUS 13:17-17:16                 JUDGES 4:4-5:31             JOHN 6:22-40    

We see in this Parsha how YHVH again comes to the rescue, and tests HIS people in their faith, "Do you really trust me in ALL situations? even when things seem hopeless.  When YHVH lead HIS people through the Sinai peninsula to the shores of the Red Sea, He knew EXACTELY what he was doing,  Today, at the crossing site is a beach resort called Nweba Beach, and if one has scuba gear, can see the remains of chariot wheels, at the shallow bottom of that section of the Red Sea.   

It can be said that the Israelites were between a "rock and a hard place" there they are, they are blocked by the sea, and the Egyptian army in hot pursuit.  I wonder what went through the minds of the Egyptians, couldn't they tell that they had lost the war against God? we can see how "pride and arrogance" can lead people to their destruction, even when they can see that all is lost,

We see a cloud, that served as a guide and light to the Israelites, became darkness and a barrier to the Egyptians.  The cloud was lifted up from in front of the Israelites and blocked the way of the Egyptians.  This was during the night so as to give the Israelites time to get across the water, remember that there are several million people not to mention thousands of heads of cattle, sheep, goats, etc, so, it would have taken all night for them to cross. YHVH had the Egyptians pinned down, immobile, at a "stand still" until morning broke. 

YHVH used an "East Wind" to open and divide the sea.  Torah says that the "Israelites crossed over on dry land" Now, when the Egyptians saw all this, didn't they figure out it was a trap? I mean really, I imagine the majority of the soldiers knew they were marching to their death, but since "Pharaoh rules" they are going to go against their better judgment.  We could say the same about Hitler, if enough of the Wehrmacht leaders would have resisted his crazy plans, perhaps millions of lives would have been saved.

But HaShem wants to put an end to the military power of Egypt once and for all.
They enter into the pathway of the sea, and we know the end result, they took their "goodbye-for-ever" bath.  We can see spiritual insights here.  What was "Yeshuah" (salvation) for the Israelites, was destruction for the enemy, The cloud of Light, became a cloud of darkness, one could say the "Ruach Elohim" *the breath of God" parted the sea, His Spirit favored his chosen but brought judgment on the pursuers.  Here is the final division between "good" and "evil" between "slavery" and "Freedom" now there is no turning back.  

YHVH is taking a hodge-podge of undisciplined slaves to become an organized nation of priests, lead by his chosen man, Moses. But there is still a lot of work to be done.  It took only one day to take Israel out of Egypt, but 40 years to take Egypt out of Israel.  We still have the grumble and groaning of the people, but the grace, love, and provision of Adonai inspite of all, the "Mana" from heaven, and the "quails"

We can ask ourselves, are we any different? do we gripe and complain about trivial things, even when we have seen the provision of the LORD in our lives again and again.  HE continues to bless, and we continue to complain, where does it stop?   Just as Moshe took the Israelites out of Egypt, away from the House on bondage, so Yeshua, took us out of the bondage to Satan and a life of sin, to become part of HIS people, to become "bond-slaves" and to serve HIM who is the "best" master of all.

JUDGES 4:4-5:31   (Shoftim)

We see again, the hand of YHVH to deliver the chosen people, but this time through a woman, "Deborah" God uses both men and women in HIS service to do HIS will, to be prayer warriors, Torah (bible) teachers, singers, military service men and women, we all have a special place in God's plan, if you are a woman, serve HIM, if you are a man, serve HIM as HE directs.
JOHN 6:22-40

Yeshua knows the heart of the people, the people follow him for a free meal, as he told them, and here, He makes it a point to show that the "Bread of Life" (himself)
is more important than the "bread form the earth" Yes, we need our "daily bread
(be in Jewish rye or something else) but the "Torah" is our "spiritual food" some
times we starve the spirit and overindulge the body in "buffets" No, Moshe did NOT bring down the bread from Heaven, it was YHVH who did it, Moshe had nothing to do with it, He only told the people that it would happen.  One title for Yeshua is "Lechem-Chai" (The Bread of Life) and was fittingly born in the "House of Bread (Beit-Lechem) which is in English "Bethlehem" 

Shabbat Shalom........................rabbi Ben Avraham
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PARSHA "B'SHALACH" (When he sent)
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