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 He Will Be Called....Wonderful Counselor

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PostSubject: He Will Be Called....Wonderful Counselor   Sat Dec 06, 2014 7:22 am

Isah. 9:6

Heb 4:14-16 Jesus was tempted in every way. He knows what we are feeling. Let us approach the thorn with confidence. He will provide mercy and grace in our time of need.
Jesus comes for us, to help us.
Luke 5:31-32
Jesus comes to call the sick to righteousness.
Were are you sick? Were do you need to repent? Are you dealing with depression right now, living in fear, feeling stressed? Are you feeling alone even though surrounded by others.
Are you willing to acknowledge your sickness.
1) need to learn to be brutally honest to receive help from our wonderful counselor. John 4:1-26 Jesus and the Samaritan Women. She was trying to find happiness in a man and was still sick. When Jesus asked her questions she did not tell the whole truth. Jesus knew it. It wants the same for us. Why do you fight telling the whole truth. Why are we holding back. Jesus provides us the tools are we excepting them. If we are honest and real we can be healed. If you are addicted you can get help if we are brutally honest. Do not seek worldly pleasures, seek Jesus and be obedient to his teachings. Do you have the faith to trust god in all areas of your life. Jesus wants to console and guide us. Be honest. Cast your cares on Jesus. He is treating us. Ps. 55:22 he will never let us fall. He will sustain us.
2) Learn to Listen to the Counselors Voice:
Mark 9:7-
God is instructing us to listen to his son it's not always through a voice. It can be through a song. How do you allow gods words to move you and touch you. Do you trust the voices of your friends around you? He sends signs are you listening.
John 10:27 we listen and know his voice. Are we following him. Study his voice. Hear it.
3) We Must Do What the Counselor Says:
Follow his teachings. In listening we must follow. Be honest and we will build our trust. He knows what we need. He may tell us tondo things we do not understand
Mark 10:17-31
Even in our pride, weaknesses Jesus loves us. He had compassion. He tells us things we do not want to hear. That's what true love is. Are you loving your church family enough to speak the truth in love no matter how hard it may be. True Love will sustain the truth. Are you living a secret life. Does anyone know the real you. Get rid of that secret. Bring your real self to God. Don't hide it. It will get worse before it gets better, but getting opened, getting cleansed will bring the healing we need. Be willing to give up whatever it is to follow him. What are you lacking that is keeping you from follow Christ wholeheartedly. Are you breaking gods heart with were you life is right now.
Do you get value in your walk with Jesus Christ. Fulfillment comes through Christ. We are successful in him because we are following him. Are you being tested in your faith. Are you allowing him to change you.
Jesus came to heal us. To heal the sick. Be real with what that sickness is in your own life and be connected to god.
He will heal you.

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He Will Be Called....Wonderful Counselor
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