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 Coming into God's presence

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PostSubject: Coming into God's presence   Mon Nov 17, 2014 2:36 am

“In union with Christ and through our faith in Him we have the boldness to go into God’s presence with all confidence.” (Eph. 3:12 TEV)

God’s presence is a Christian’s delight. It is all he needs to be happy and confident in life. For a person who tastes continuously the presence of God, it is impossible for him to think about a moment in which God is far from him. Once we start experiencing God’s pleasant presence, we will never ever desire to go away from Him. It is all because God’s presence gives us immense joy and a concrete faith in Him.

God’s presence never means that problems will be absent. It never means that we will not have struggles in life. But it will strengthen us to obey and please God in whatever situation or circumstance we may be in. Do you know why many people blame God when they enter into trouble? Because they do not have God on their side. It is impossible for a true child of God (who experiences His presence) to blame God during critical times.

Paul tells us that to boldly go into God’s presence with all confidence, the first thing required is to be in union (fellowship, agreement) with Christ. The second requirement is our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Both these qualities are interconnected. It is through faith that the supernatural realm gets accessed by the natural realm. For natural man, to come in union with supernatural Christ, faith is the key.

A doubt however arises; when God is already with us, closer than our own spirit, what does it mean to go into God’s presence? Understand that it is not about going to a God who is far away. Even we Christians undergo situations in which we lack the inner assurance of God’s presence, but it does not mean that God has left us. Reasons for this inner defect may be one or many, but we can open our hearts in prayer and our inner man can come back to the joy and blessing of realizing God’s presence again.

We do not need to be perfect to go into God’s presence. But when we experience His presence, we grow in our spiritual life. All those who are in union with Christ are not perfect in character. But they are perfect in having faith that God loves them and wants to be with them no matter whatever their shortcomings. It is impossible to come into God’s presence with confidence in our good character.

But I do not mean that we can live as we like and come into God’s presence. Remember that sin separates us from God. Sin is to be dealt with seriously. You cannot have sin and Christ in your heart at the same time. My focus in the phrase (in the above paragraph), ‘not perfect in character’ is towards areas in life which needs to be repaired. Sin alone is not a negative point in life.

God’s love towards an individual makes Him to love that person unconditionally; but at the same time to deal with his weaknesses as well. True love does not hide the other person’s weakness, but it strives to make him a better person. Likewise, when we experience God’s presence, He reveals to us in what all areas we need to be corrected or improved. Every person living in this world is imperfect. If you are a human, you yourself know in what areas you need to be improved.

But it is also true that many times we do not realize our weaknesses. For this, we need to examine our life in the light of God’s word. Is there anything that holds you back from serving God wholeheartedly? Commit those weak points to God’s hands by entering into His presence through faith. In this world, there is no other safe place for a person to come with his shortcomings and to get accepted and corrected. Imperfect man will only blame the other person’s imperfection; but the perfect God will only show His mercy towards those who want to grow in Christlikeness.

Yes, come into God’s presence. But remember that if you need to be reconciled with God in any matter, first do it after which you can boldly enter God’s presence. Is there anyone you need to forgive or apologize to? Do your requirement and then you can come to God’s presence. What does it mean to be in union (fellowship, agreement) with Christ? It means to be agents of Christ’s nature in this world. Any hindrance towards this must be completely removed.

Friend, do you confidently experience God’s presence? Let me hope you do it. But if not, it is not too late. But do not make it later. Forsake everything that hinders God to be with you and feel His joy in your spirit.

Life is meaningful, but its meaning can come alive only when we are with its designer, planner, sustainer and creator. It is not those who follow the guidelines of experts that live a meaningful life, but it is those who follow God and experience His presence. Remember, God loves you and He desires that you too love Him wholeheartedly, live for Him wholeheartedly and experience His presence in the depths of your heart and in your inner man.
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Coming into God's presence
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