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 Identity Theft-Adopted Into Gods Family

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PostSubject: Identity Theft-Adopted Into Gods Family   Sat Nov 01, 2014 7:53 am

While we are still Adam we are still in sin. What sin are you hosting. We are sinners daily. 600 times the bible speaks of gods wrath if we stay in sin. If we do not repent and change we are in Adam and in the path of Gods wrath. 
The other side is if we are in Christ we are clothed by the promises of Christ. In Ephesians there are 30 scriptures that share these promises. 

Ephes. 1:5 
How do we become adopted by Christ and leave being in Adam to adopted by Christ and added to his family in accordance to his will. 
2 Cor. [url=x-apple-data-detectors://0]5:21-23[/url] god pardons us. Because of Jesus death we receive the righteousness of god. Jesus was made to be our sin. When we except Christ he takes on our sin. We are merged to Christ. Justified= Just as if I never sinned. This is also just as if I always obey. There is justice in Christ. 
Adoption secures our family relationship with god. We all become his children. When god adopts us it is beyond comprehension. When we correct wrong thinking than right living can begin. Do you know gods love for you. 
We are children to god. This is a precious gift. How do you think god feels about you. 
Luke 11:1-2 how do we pray. 
Rms. [url=x-apple-data-detectors://2]8:14-17[/url] we are all gods children when we are walking with him. When we make the commitment to repent and be baptized. Not everyone is a child of god unless we are following the scripture and living our lives worthy of his calling. When we become a Christian we are at home with God. 
I john 3:9-10 gods seed is in us if we are doing what is right. 
God wants all of us to be his child. 
How good is it to be a child of God. 
Gratitude: how are you treating your God. Not as he treats us. He is always there, always on time, listens when we call, walks with us through our mistakes and never gives up on us. I Cor. [url=x-apple-data-detectors://3]6:19-20[/url] our bodies are temples of Christ. We are expensive to him. How are you treating your body. If god thinks you are valuable you are valuable. Do we really know how good we have it. What if god took his hand off of your life, what if he went on strike. How would we react. We really don't have any Idea how good we have it. 
Smallest development is good news for my father. What things have you changed that makes god proud of you. Small things that we Change make god proud. It can be as easy as I didn't tell a little lie to get out of getting in trouble for something on your job. You have taken risks 
God is delighted with our happiness and committed to our progress. Have you stopped growing in your walk with God? Have you stopped maturing in your walk. How deep are you going in your walk. God desires to see progress. How are you serving God, are you giving back to him through acts of service or do you feel cause you have stopped certain sins that that is enough. Are you meeting the needs of others, sharing your faith, studying the word with others helping then become Christians. Do not stay on your learners permit with your walk. Advance in your walk with him. What can you do with the next 52 days of your life to live like you are a true child of God. Make yourself a true sacrificial challenge. Be an example. Crave solid food. Give yourself a chance for god to be delighted in our progress. 
One of my 52 is to study with a friend and them be baptized. As well as help someone to be restored back to Christ. 
As of today. My friend Kathy is studying the bible and at this time god has blessed with the prevaledge  and honor of being involved in helping someone be restored. 
God is working in all our lives. Trust he will work in allowing yourself to step out on faith and follow the example of Christ. 
This is my heart today. 
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Identity Theft-Adopted Into Gods Family
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