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 Identity Theft-In Christ

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PostSubject: Identity Theft-In Christ   Thu Oct 23, 2014 10:25 pm

Who are the two most important people who have ever lived in the world. 1) Jesus 2) Adam
What is your world view of the world. We all have our own view. I Cor 15:45
What defines who we are. God looks down and sees us in two categories. Are you in Adam or are you in Christ. Who are you following? We all fall into one of these two categories. I Cor 15:21-22 in Christ all will be made alive. We all have an opportunity to be in Adam because we all sin and fall short. Are you spiritually dead in your walk right now. What does it mean to be in Christ. Being in Christ is mentioned 216 times in the bible. How many times the bible uses the word Christian. 3 times only.
Being in Adam verses being in Christ is such a radical difference. The difference is at the cross Jesus traded places with us. So all of our sine went to him and his grace came to us. This is what changes our identity. Are you willing to live this in Christ and be set free. Do not perform for god but live for god.
Without Jesus we are an Adam. This is our sinful fallen identity without Jesus. With Jesus we are born again. In Adam we are ruled by condemnation. In Christ we are ruled by salvation. In Adam we are ruled by a sin nature. In Christ we are ruled by a new nature. In Adam we are cursed. In Christ we are blessed. In Adam there is wrath and death. In Christ there is love and life.
We must ask this question are we in Adam or are we in Christ. This is a concept we do not think about.
It's not who we think we are or who others tell us we are, but it is god who says who we are.
Paul brings us a new concept and language with what he went through. Coined the phrase in Christ. John 15:5-7 Jesus is the vine we are the branches. We do nothing apart from Christ. The branch needs the trunk. Jesus is the trunk we are the branch. We cannot sustain our own spiritual life. In the sight of god we can do nothing apart from Christ. Jesus wants his life to flow through us. How we are us not about us but about what Jesus is doing in out life. We do this to gods glory. What we have is a gift. Is god excreting power through you. Do you understand that Christ is the essence of your life, if we do not you will be arrogant or discouraged. We should not our identity in how we describe ourselves. We make activity our identity
What does it mean to be in Christ. Do we assume a false identity. Or are we connecting to Christ. Are you putting your identity in others? Are you idolizing others? Are you helping others find who they are in Christ?
All of our gifts are from God.
Being in christ frees us from the pressure of being perfect. We do not work for a identity we are working from an identity.
Being in christ is a mystery. Read Ephesians and find the scriptures that are in Christ and meditate on them. We do not understand this as much as we need to.
What does it mean to be in Christ according to the book of Ephesians. In Christ appears 12 times, variances of in Christ 20 times, concept of In Christ about 30 times. In the whole bible appears 216 times.
1) I can be faithful- in Christ. Have you ever struggled with spiritual faithfulness, walked away, been inconsistent. How can we change it. Only in Christ. Ephes 3:1
Have you ever felt cursed. People keep taking from you. In Christ we are blessed in many ways. Do you appreciate all god has given to you. We are chosen by god to be blameless in his sight. Have you allowed your sin to be your identity. Who we are is who we are in Christ. Not the sin we have committed that does not define us. Our sin may say something about us but it does not define us. It does not need to be in our future.
Which in Christ is the Holy Spirit calling you to focus on. Ephes 1:7
Have you ever felt punished and that god is punishing you. In Christ we are forgiven not punished. God has already punished his son. He does not punish us. If we feel and focus on that we are not walking in Christ. We do not need to manage our sin. We can know the will of God Ephes 1:9. How should we live in this season of our lives in Christ. Ephes 1:10 we are reconciled in Christ. Ephes 1:11 predestined and will receive his inheritance. There is a resurrection from death. Ephes 1:12 we have hope in Christ. Ephes 1:13 we have the Holy Spirit.
It is important we see how to be in Christ. To be united and bond to him.
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Identity Theft-In Christ
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