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 Biblical Prosperity

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PostSubject: Biblical Prosperity   Wed Jul 23, 2014 7:49 am

“Dear friend, I pray that you may prosper in every way and be in good health, just as your soul prospers.” (3 John 2).

We all like prosperity. But many of us ignore the phrase, ‘just as your soul prospers.’ We all keep faith in God that He will supply all our needs but fail to seek His Kingdom and righteousness and also to put forth our thanks and praises before Him. It is God’s promise that if we give first importance to our spiritual life and to our relationship with Him, we will get all that we need. Note that we will get all we need and not all we ask.

Many believers are going after wealth and status. I praise God for those who have stored riches in heaven. We all have a little or more desire to have necessary amount of money with us. Money, in itself, is neither a curse nor a blessing. But the way we earn and use it determines its importance or uselessness. Let me be frank, there is nothing wrong in making money if we do it with honesty. But, there is a danger; enormous wealth can deprive us of our trust and faith in God. But everyone knows that not all rich people depend on their wealth.

It is a good thing to desire prosperity because the Bible promises it. But money has nothing to do with prosperity and blessing! True prosperity is prosperity in relationships and character. Thousands of families are broken due to ‘love and greed for more wealth’. People have lost their meaning and purpose due to their approach towards wealth. A false understanding has been born in many minds that if they have wealth, they are blessed. But true blessing is understood by the way one reacts to the pains in his life. I hope you will prefer the nature of the heart than the material possessions one has. Are we content with what we have? If yes, we are truly rich before God’s eyes.

One thing we should always keep in mind: Our ability to cope with troubles and problems, our willingness to rejoice in Christ no matter what financial or physical problems we are going through, our choice to put God first – these are the things which define life. Life has to be lived and money is not the means by which we live. We live only because we have a hope, faith and trust in the love, mercy and grace of God. The condition of our hearts in midst of sorrows and grieves shows how much blessed we are!

Love for money is ruining many spiritual lives. The young rich man went away sad because He could not follow Jesus’ instruction of selling all he had and giving it to the poor. Wealth has become a stumbling block before the spiritual growth of many believers. It is time we examine ourselves and remove all things that hinder us from truly glorifying God.

So, how should we view the money we have with us? What should our opinion about wealth be? I know, we all have our own different unique answers. But, one thing is sure: We should never put money above spirituality. Again, let me repeat, money does not determine the standard of our blessing.

Dear friend, are you truly rich in the biblical sense? Is joy richly found in you when you face certain problems in life? Do you glorify God both with your abundance as well as your emptiness? Is God delighted in you? Are you a channel of spiritual blessing to others? Do others find hope when they contact you? Do you experience biblical prosperity? It is time we surrender our hearts and minds to the feet of our Lord who is able to mould our thoughts in accordance with His perfect will. Let the message of true prosperity give you a new hope and a fresh meaning in life.
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Biblical Prosperity
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