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 Belief That Sees The Glory of God

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PostSubject: Belief That Sees The Glory of God   Sat May 17, 2014 11:39 am

John 11:1-4, 38-44
Story of Lazarus. Do you focus on the odor or the words of Jesus. Jesus calls Lazarus out of the tomb. 
Did I not tell you that if you believe you will see the glory of god. (Words of Jesus). Do we all not want to see the glory of god. We want to see the churches spreading the word of god and strengthen the family of god. 
How involved are we in the church and in each others lives. Are we helping one another grow and show the glory of god. Gods power should show in our actions and love for one another.  
We also want to see the power of god in our lives what do we see when we look in the mirror. Jesus will transform us if we have real belief. 
What kind of belief do we really have that allows us to see the glory of god.
1) belief that is rooted in god. Rms. 4:17-21 Abraham was the father of faith. He defined what faith is. Do you have a deep knowledge and understanding of what faith in God really is. Or do we have our faith rooted in things other than God. It may be and we don't even know it at times. Is it rooted in what we want and lose our focus. Is your faith rooted in emotion. Is it rooted in tradition. Going through the motions cause it's what you know. Is it rooted in people, wanting to please others and what they think of us rather than what God thinks of us. Is it rooted in repetitious prayer. If I just ask for it enough god will finally give it me. Are you wearing God out. Is it rooted in well worded prayer. If we use just the right words and right way we think it is going to work. Do we sometimes think we are heard because of the length of our prayers or how colorful they are. Is our faith in the way we pray or is our faith in god himself? Is it rooted in pride. I always get what I want. Do we think we deserve it or are worthy of it? 
We are not seeing the glory of God if our faith is not rooted in God. 
We will see the glory of all other things but not God. 
God gives life to the dead and calls things that are not as though they were (17b) something from nothing. 
He did not weaver in unbelief the promise of God (20). He wasn't thinking about himself he was focused on the promise of God. 
Being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised (21). God will do what he says he will do. Abraham was not focused on himself he was focused on who God really is. 
Do you link verses together to get the full knowledge and understanding about who God really is. Are you taking time daily to get in the word to build on your faith. Are you sharing the word with others to help them have.a knowledge of God. We may have a lot of bible in us but we are not meditating on it. We read it but are not applying it. If we again are just going through the motions we are not understanding the power of God. 
Remember his promises and our doubts will roll away. Do not doubt you can change. No matter our age we can change. We can change the acts of the sinful nature, can we let go and trust God can change us. 
Is anything to hard for The Lord.
Do not doubt that you can change others. Nothing is impossible with God.
2) belief that's refined by fire I pet. 1:3-7
We will face challenge in life and there is a purpose for that challenge. We may ask why is God doing this and ask him to take it away. The reality is challenge is one of Gods primary tools to refine us and our faith. God wants us to have such a faith that he looks down on us and sees himself. Our trials will heat up and in that the sin and ugly will come to the surface and be cut off. This is how we are refined. God will heat our life up at different times. How we handle them is how we prove our faith genuine before God.
The challenge is when we face the trials they either refine our faith or reduce our faith. Sometimes the trials that are there to refine our faith, reduce our faith. Each trial tests our faith. Remaining rooted in God during these times will help us stay focused and not walk away. However, if we are not rooted we may still stay the course but our faith decreases, we stop believing and slowly begin to doubt the truth of Gods word. We forget the miracle of Christ. 
What challenge are you facing right now. You are on a track to be refined during this time. Remain on the potters wheel, dig deeper, be refunded and always have the belief to see the glory of God.
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Belief That Sees The Glory of God
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