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 Change, We All Face It

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PENCIL PUSHER (26-50 posts)

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PostChange, We All Face It

Change, there are different facets of this word. We all face change, except change, live with change, and deal with change. However, how do will process change. It can be a positive or negative depending on the situation at hand. No matter what that situation is we still must process it.
That has been the theme of my life , and in that each aspect of change has arisen.
In facing change, I have had surgery that has caused me to face a lifestyle change. My battle with weight started in junior high and has been a constant battle for most of my life. To my shame at graduation it was 295 pounds. I ate my depression and hide from the world. Choosing the medical profession as my field of employment made the beginning difference for me. I began to drop the weight and things were going pretty well. Then I became ill and have been battling ever since. Surgery was to correct some blockages that were found. Now the lifestyle change is that of a healthier eating habit, being wiser in my choices, and being aware of what is added to the food I consume. I have excepted that this is now a new and permanent part of my life. It will take much discipline and yet today in this moment for the first time I do believe this goal will be meet, and in that better health is in my future, to God be the glory.
In excepting change, friendships are ones we work to build and grow. It takes time and in that time we learn to trust one another. We share our hearts together, are open with each other, we may pray, cry and laugh together, and we will teach and help each other in any way we are able. This is what true friendship means to me. And when you find it, you cherish it, and when an opportunity that allows one to advance for the sake of Christ, you are excited for them and share in their dream and hearts desire. In doing so it may mean not being in the same state, or country. That being said the reality of excepting that a true and dear friend has been blessed with the incredible opportunity to teach English at a newly opened hospital is Asia, means learning to let go, it is part of the process. And so, my heart has excepted that we will no longer be in the same state together and I share in her joy and her new adventure. I had to say see you soon. The pain is not in losing a friend (cause we will be forever friends) it is in the fact that not sharing what god has blessed to be a wonderful friendship has changed in dynamic. She will do well and will be used to the glory of God.
Living and dealing with change, this one is the hardest. We have been beyond blessed to have the gift of my father over the years. We were told he would not make it a year after his stage 4 lung cancer diagnoses, and yet here we are 5 years later and the gift of his presence on a daily basis is none shy of a true miracle. There is a daily gratitude toward God for this gift. Now, over the past 6 weeks he has dropped 12 pounds and is on morphine as his pain is increasing. It is evident that he is deteriorating and is getting more and more tired. His recent scans have revealed the cancer has spread to his ribs. They want to try radiation for that area in hopes of helping him find comfort from the pain. As far as his lungs there is nothing that can be done. Our family was all together this last weekend and my brothers are now seeing what has been presented to them and the reality of were our father is at is more real to them now. My father represents a hero in my life. We have weathered many a storm and have come out stronger on the other end. We have run a business together for 17 years and had a good run with that. We share scripture weekly with each other and discuss what we are/and have learned. We tell each other daily we love each other. There is nothing in this world that could be traded for what we have shared. The sacrifices are worth it. There is no regret with anything that has been done for my parents. Hard at times for sure, but worth it every minute of everyday. Ephes. 6:2 honor your father and mother- which is the first commandment with a promise...
It is with great pride and delight that this honor can be presented them as long as God allows me to do so. There is no finer joy. However, this is the change I and my family must live with. My heart cracks and tears will fall. It can't be said enough my brothers and I are blessed beyond measure to be chosen as the children of these two wonderful people.
With that said, I say again as with each post, please resolve what needs to be resolved. Forgive what needs to be forgiven. Reach out to whomever you feel you may need to and ask for forgiveness or if you feel they have wronged you go to them let them know and deal with it. Going through life with unresolve does no good for anyone. Life is so short and it may be too late the longer you wait. Enjoy your family, enjoy yor friends, enjoy this life and honor God with it. I am grateful for the many true friendships that have been provided. Without them, there would be no growth.
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Change, We All Face It

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