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 God, Our Anchor

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PostSubject: God, Our Anchor   Sat Aug 17, 2013 7:07 am

Heb. 6:19
We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.

Do we find hope for heaven and a security with god as we read this scripture?
For me it is one that I need to hear over and over. Security is a battle for me. Do I feel secure in god, relationships, my faith these are the questions that come to mind with this scripture. Right now I am working harder at making sure I do not lose sight of the father as he is the anchor and I have a fear of going it alone. Do I have a true longing to see God? Do I think about what it would be like in heaven. When I am in much pain and feel like why does this keep happening I wonder and sometimes dream of heaven and being out of pain. Other times I think about what my room in heaven would look like. Of late my prayer is for my family and their salvation.

1 thess. 1:10
Jesus was raised from the dead to rescue us.
1 thess. 4:13-18
God promises us hope, he promises that those who have fallen asleep will be taken first and then those that remain will be called next. We will meet in the clouds.
I thess. 5:23-24
God promises peace and sanctifies us
II thess. 1:5-10
He promises we will be counted as worthy to his kingdom. He will pay back those who trouble and who do not know him or obey his commands.

How deeply are our hearts engaged to the word, to God, to Jesus, to the spirit. Are we swaying and thus have lost our hope.
These are good words for me. I have times of struggle with committing as to be feed, and lead by the above. When I am not tight with god I am not doing well. I have found myself slipping and fighting to come back and not lose heart.

What will we inherit if we persevere and push to the end?

Rev. 2:7
In overcoming he offers us the right to eat from the tree of life.
11, we will not be hurt by the second death
17, we will be given some of the hidden manna as well as a stone with a new name on it.
26, we will be given authority over a nation

Rev. 3:5
We will be dressed in white and our names will not be blotted out of the book of life.
12, we will be made pillars of the temple and never have to leave it again.
21, we will be given the right to sit with him on his throne.

Rev. 21:3-4
We will be his people and he will wipe every tear from our eyes. No more death. Mourning, crying or pain
6-7, we will be given drink from the spring of life, if we overcome we will inherit all these things

Rev. 22:1-5
We will be face to face and see many wonders. No more night.

These are the promises. However we should also think of the no-shows in heaven. What would be your no-shows
Mine are, free from pain, no hate, no anger, no creatures, no sadness, no violence. Those come to the front of my mind at this time.

To love god with all our souls means to love the idea of spending eternity with him, to draw comfort and joy from the promise, and to truly see this as the great reward above any reward on earth and outweighing every cost.

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God, Our Anchor
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