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 Revolving and Gods Love

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PostRevolving and Gods Love

The world spins and we revolve with it. How are we revolving. Are we revolving into the positive that life can bring. Are we revolving into the lessons we are taught to help us change and mature. Are we revolving into the despair of life and not seeing the good in each day we are blessed to have. The reality is that each of us have revolved into one of these at some point in our lives and we will do so again. Why, because we are human, we have feelings and when we are dealing with those feelings and allowing ourselves to dig deeper into ourselves this will happen.
Here's the thing in the worse of despair we may face we have the wonderful gift of the word. We have the gift of the tools provided us to work through it. We also have the people to help us get there if we cannot do it on our own. As a society I believe we take certain aspects of life for granted. We feel like we are promised relationships, we feel we are promised great jobs, wealth, families and even homes and cars. How often do we take a moment and sit back and see ourselves. Do we evaluate our position. Do we put ourselves on a pedestal that is too high to be reached. Do we expect others to just do and be what we think they should be. How much effort do we put into being a better person, to being there for others, for serving without being asked, encouraging just to lift someone up. We shan't get to busy with life that we miss the goal. That we miss the purpose. That we miss the friendship. That we miss the love.
Discipline, something we all have at one point or another. Do we allow it to carry us, do we maintain a certain level that helps keep us in check. When we lack it, do we try to rebuild and get it back? Isn't is amazing what can fill our minds and days when we lose sight of it. Yet, discipline is an important part of life. It teaches us, it is a training tool, it allows us to be stronger. Yet, it is one of the first things we lack and let go of when we lose our focus. When our commitment has faltered and we forget the goal. We forget the cross, we forget the sacrifice. Are we willing to take a look inside and see what is there. Are we refining ourselves continuously or are we stuck where we are at and have lost the discipline factor and allow ourselves to give up.
Today, a new beginning. An opportunity to change and say help me lord to be my best for you, help me to regain my discipline, help me to remember the sacrifice, help me to not think of myself more highly than I ought, help me to be open to change, open to correction, open to learning, and open in confessing. A new day we are never promised. What we make of each new day is up to us. To take the time and remember who you were when you were called and allow the conviction felt on that day to be the conviction that leads you in the right direction. This is my heart today. Grateful for the ones who were patient enough to help me understand the true meaning of the crucifixion, grateful for the cleansing that comes with freeing the bondage and ugly that was in my life, grateful for the healing power that comes from reading the word, and praying., grateful for the one who never gives up on me, never stops loving me, never makes me feel useless, lets me know through his word how beautiful I am, and continues to provide blessing after blessing, joy upon joy, and hope upon hope. He is the one to follow daily no matter how hard it may seem. Never lose sight of the goal.
It is so important that we remember and follow the example of Christ. When it comes to family and friends, hold them in the highest regard, do not allow hindrances to cloud your relationship. Do not let unresolve stand in the way of a blessing just waiting to happen. Fix what needs to be fixed. Love one another deeply. As quickly as one comes into your life so quickly can one be taken away. Make it a point to work out whatever may need to be worked out and move forward. Do to others what you would want done to you.
This is my heart today....

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Revolving and Gods Love

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