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 Come Thirsty

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PostSubject: Come Thirsty   Sat Jul 06, 2013 10:03 am


Are you depriving yourself of spiritual water? What is your spirit saying to you in regard to this question?
If your heart is dehydrated it will send a desperate message letting you know. Do you have signs that are showing your heart is craving spiritual feeding?
Is your temper flaring?
Are you dealing with waves of worry about anything?
Is there growing guilt or fear in your life?
Are you feeling hopeless, resentment, loneliness, or insecurity?
God wants us to treat our spiritual soul as we should treat our physical body. He does not want us thirsting for him. He wants us to visit the WELL and drink deeply.

As sisters we need to be helping each other in these areas.

Point 1
If you are thirsty come:

If you are thirsty come! If you want life-giving water, come and take it. It’s Free.
Rev 22:17

This scripture holds so much power. Life-giving water what does that mean to you. Free we all like the word free. Why is it so hard to except the (Free) from God, he gave his son for us (Free) he provides his word for us (Free) he shows us compassion (Free) there are so many wonderful things that he has offered us (Free) are we partaking or are we turning away. Are we forgetting the (Free) gift that gives us the opportunity to live a life (Free) from the worries of this world?
Come he says and I will quench your thirst for you.

Each of us is now a part of the resurrection body, refreshed and sustained at one fountain-his spirit-where we all come to drink
I Cor 12:13

Can we remember how we felt when we first came out of the water, how thirsty we were to learn and soak it all in. Do we still feel that flame? Do we still have that urgency?

If you are feeling like you have lost this thirst, who are you reaching out to for assistance and help. Is there one person you feel close enough to that you trust to open up and share everything with?

How close do you today in this moment feel to God?
How close do you today in this moment feel to others in your group?

Point 2
Are you Ready to Drink:

On the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink. He who believes in me as the scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water John 7:37-38

As we grow in our walks with God we can get lazy and lose heart. For me there are times when I ask myself do I really want to do this today.
There are also times when due to my health issues I battle giving up and throwing in the towel. My battle has been with my own spirit and soul. At times the anger still builds up for not being able to do different things with the body. Worrying about what others think because they are not aware of the issues that plaque me and worry that they question my commitment. These are schemes from Satan. The truth is that my thirsting stopped and it in turned allowed me to give into the pit of insecurity.
Realizing the need to be ready to drink from the well again pulled me through.

How much do you drink from Gods word a week?
Are you letting him in daily or just when it gets hard for you, or when you need something?
Are your prayers focused on others and what goes on, or on your own needs and desires?
Are you helping others remember to be ready to drink?

God desires to hear from us all the time. He wants us to feel feed and hydrated.

Peter is a perfect example of one who thirsted for the water drank it stayed hydrated and then lost it when he denied Jesus 3 times. After that he battled and wrestled and then came back and was hydrated again. He remembered the living well and knew he needed it back. He opened his heart again to the word and to Jesus and in that was filled up.

Other examples
The women at the well-Jesus told her about herself and she went and brought others to drink with her.

Mary & Martha-both in the end were drinking from the well.

There are several examples of people who have forgotten to drink and came back after their own battles. What can you do to continue to be ready to drink all the time?

Point 3
The W-E-L-L is Open:

He took the punishment and that made us whole. Through his bruises we get healed…God has piled all our sins, everything we’ve done wrong on him, on him…He took on his own shoulders the sin of the many, he took up the cause of all the black sheep Isah 53:5-6, 12

Scripture tells us that Christ took on our sin and died for us to have this life. To have a full life and to not worry. When I turn away from God and his plan and his purpose, that is when I forget the Well is open. Being sucked up by the world and losing sight of God is a scary place to be. When the mind wonders and starts to think it would be easier out there than the commitment to him, the fact is more than likely it would be. But would there be joy, would there be peace, would there be true happiness. The answer is NO, it may seem like that but in the heart we know the truth. After a certain point it is more like we stop feeling guilty and that is why we seem happy but we are not. Being tempted to walk away is something most of us have thought of.
Ask yourself when that has happened to you, what was going on in your life. What event made your mind change and struggle with the thought? It is usually in times of struggle or temptation that the thought crosses our minds.
In that we lost sight of the WELL.

Are you standing at the WELL and getting filled and hydrated?
Are you standing at the WELL and reaching out for help to rehydrate?
Are you standing at the WELL and are at a lost as to how to gain back that strength, or that faith, or that commitment?
The good thing in all these is that if you are standing at the WELL you are standing in a good spot, as each of these can be taken care of at the WELL.

The WELL that is full of the living water we thirst for.

If you have walked away from the WELL, good news is we can all get back to the WELL and we can all help each other. Do not lose heart and trust and hang onto his word and his love.

As a family we are here to help each other.

When our focus is on Jesus, and we are connected to him the water flows freely. When we are not we battle within
If you are thirsty come
Are you ready to drink?

When we are connected then we know the WELL is open.

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PostSubject: Re: Come Thirsty   Sat Jul 06, 2013 1:41 pm

Wow! What an uplifting Bible study. I love how you remind us to be aware of our own spiritual need by looking for signs of thirst. We don't always think about that. Nice work!

God Bless, Lora  Nice Ta Meet Ya
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Come Thirsty
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