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 Wisdom While Fishing

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PENCIL PUSHER (26-50 posts)

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PostSubject: Wisdom While Fishing   Thu Aug 11, 2011 9:44 am

I walked to the small pond alone, and sat done at its bank for a few moments of peace before the dawn of a new day that awaited me. The moonlight, with it's ethereal silver-light, moved with the soft ripples of it's reflection, caused by a tiny water bug.
Moonlight never gets old.
This is the beginning of my tale. I forewarn you. What you are about to read is not for the faint-of-heart. I warn that you may find a link between fishing and G-d.
In that moment before the suns rays cast light upon the waking world, when all is silent, but the steady lullaby of nearby crickets, there can never be a better time for communion with your Maker.
I looked over the water, just as the sun began to rise high over the swamp...perhaps it was just a trick of the water, a trompe l'oeil of the early summer light, or maybe just one of those hallucinatory visions provoked by hours on end of the same motions.
You know the feeling: bait the hook, cast, wait, daydream, watch the cork! Nibble, nibble, heart racing, you yank up to set the hook and....nothing. You sigh and repeat the steps over and over, always staring, until the world fades away. Sun, bird song, frog croaks and cricket lullabies...until all that is left is the endless waiting. Right?
But then it's there, awakening the life of the pond. On the top of the water, I see it rolling. The beauty of it like a dance all in it's own, dancing to the song of the morning. A fish, or something rolling and teasing...waiting for me, only me, it's always been me. And I realize as I swallow the ever-growing lump in my throat that this fish has already been caught, it has yet just to realize the fact. As if hearing my thoughts, it reels me into its dance soon making a dash, almost coming out of the water and I saw this play before my eyes as if in slow motion, suspended in air, the beauty that is indeed my fish.
The birds seem to cease their song in that very moment. Even the crickets stop there vibrations and there is nothing, can be nothing, was never anything but me and the majesty that is my fish.
Suddenly, it couldn't be more than a blink and the fish disappeared back under the water. I realized then, as I pried my hands off my reel, that this fish has danced this dance before. I bait my hook and the line out to where I saw the fish go under and I cast my eyes upward towards the heavens in effort to remind the good L-rd that he said he would make "fishers of men".
"Don't forget," I say to Him, "that your first Saints were fishermen." --This is my communion with G-d.
That's when He answered me. The great I Am, Elohim, Creator of all things and His infinite wisdom answered me. His voice in my mind was tinged with the slightest hint of humor. He says to me, "Indeed, I did choose the fishermen. But, also remember that Simon Peter said to the others, 'I go fishing' and they answered him, 'we'll go with you'.
Who could pass up the opportunity to fish? I thought as the L-rd continued.
"They went out in a ship and by that night, they had caught nothing."
I sigh as I look longingly again at my cork, floating without the slightest hint of movement from underneath. So I looked up once again and decided to remind the good L-rd again of something.
"Did you not create man in Your image and place all things under his feet, including the fish of the sea?"
So G-d smiled on me as in that moment my cork jerked underneath the surface. As I fight the fish, I am grinning from ear to ear in triumph because G-d and I have come to this understanding.
But once again, my beloved Creator has a sense of humor and His own way of getting His point across. I reeled the fish towards the bank and when it landed at my feet I stared into the eyes of my glorious fish that I had tried all morning to catch. But the eyes were not that of the large fish I saw dancing and leaping through the water...they were the beady eyes of a tiny blue gill, barely the size of my hand.
"Alright L-rd," I say as I remove the hook from the fishes mouth and toss it back into the water. "I get it."
In this impatient, busy world the better things always come fast, big, shiny and new. Stress is often made into a badge of honor we were proudly upon our shirts before crumbling our exhausted-over worked bodies into bed every night. Maybe you can't solve the worlds most challenging problems while fishing, but I don’t think it hurts to try.
G-d taught me that morning that there can be wisdom in fishing and Elohim can be everywhere you look.
I found Him at the pond that day, with His rod and reel waiting.....

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PostSubject: Wow Excellent!   Thu Aug 11, 2011 10:46 am

I think Wow says it best. That was beautiful I was completely taken to a really nice place with those words :cheers:
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WRITERS’ MENTOR (500 + posts)
WRITERS’ MENTOR (500 + posts)

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PostSubject: Re: Wisdom While Fishing   Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:02 pm

Absolutely love it! Word.
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Wisdom While Fishing
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