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 Children of A lesser god

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PostSubject: Children of A lesser god   Wed Oct 12, 2011 8:50 am

Awake ye serpents ye fish of the deep. I am bringing a harvest of plenty. Come before me and rejoice for Jireh is bringing in the harvest. Rejoice before me my children and know that I am god. Ye little ones, ye crab, ye snail, ye perfect crustacean. Come awake! The harvest is coming. The tide is coming in. The tide is coming in. Rejoice! Rejoice! No! Ye sea cannot resist me. Come in fill my shores! Come in; Come in bring my bounty, feed my children.
Fish blue, Fish, green, fish, bass, fish in the grass. Follow the waters in. Follow my bounty in. See what new thing I bring. Rejoice children I create a new thing. A new harvest for all. Crab dance, snail romance. All multiply before me. I am bringing in a new beast for you. Feel the water rushing in on you. It is bringing in a new harvest of plenty.
Yes we see our brother we feed our brother on your great gift. The tide now is full and our waters are still for a brief time. We rejoice in this beast you have provided for us. Squid and jelly and broken all for us we will take our fill. But wait my friends we have a new gift. An unusual gift! A magnificent gift. Oh! It will feed us all! Fish tear and crab break and snail awake, rise and eat! More, there is plenty my friends for us all. Fish blue, fish green, fish bass tear and twist the beast is good. Crab eat and dance.
Oh brother Moon we thank you as we increase our numbers and eat of your great bounty. This full Moon bounty! This beast of plenty! Crab claw, snail gnaw. Perfect crustaceans enter the beast and feed on its bounty. Fish blue there’s plenty for you. No need to be cruel lets us all rejoice and give thanks to our brother moon. Divide and multiply there is plenty for our new arrivals. The water fills with the beast. It carcass is filling the waters around us. Tear fish and eat blue fish and devour bass the bounty our brother has given to us. Sing children our lives are better. Our hearts are full. You make our lives richer. Sing ye fish ye serpents of the deep, our harvest is here!
Aha! Eat do not sleep! Gouge deep! Fill yourselves with the beast! But now something is happening! Something is moving! The water is moving! Our brother is pulling! The beast is moving! Quickly, before it is too late! Tear and break the beast and eat! But now the water is moving. Our brother is pulling the beast. Move forward and follow the beast and eat and eat and don’t let go! Fish eel and fish green are you still in the beast.
Oh no! Crab claws no more! Oh no! Snail must let go! Oh! crustaceans you must get home. The tide is now moving the beast. The water is going away and with it our bounty.
Back to your holes ye snail, ye slug, ye crab, ye perfect crustacean. The tide is going out and it is time to hold on. Ye crab and crustacean, ye snail bring the children home. The tide is almost gone. The beast is gone. Ye fish of the deep run, run our time is done!
Full, so full, so thankful. Wait; wait as our ancestors did upon our brother moon. We wait the cycle of time and recount the bounty you will bring. What new beast will you bring us tomorrow?
In a four-day manhunt with police helicopters and civilians in boats, authorities have come upon the body of John Mathews who has not been heard from in several days after going on a solo fishing trip. The body was pulled from the waters of hundred-acre cove this morning. The body appears to have been partially eaten by crabs. The Mathew’s family is in mourning over the death of their son who just recently had celebrated his 30 birthday.

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PostSubject: Re: Children of A lesser god   Wed Oct 12, 2011 10:16 am

I like the contrast from exultation and plenty in the beginning to sadness and loss in the end. Although, I didn't understand what the story was really about until the end, I liked the mystery of the piece. Great work.

God Bless, Lora  Nice Ta Meet Ya
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Children of A lesser god
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